January 3, 2013

Today we played with our happy boy. 
I say we and our because the girls take possession of this little boy too. 
They call him, "my Hudsey Boy" or say "how's my little guy?" 
Oh, he is such a happy boy & we love him so so much!
Today Emily asked me when we could go to Disneyland again. I told her after Daddy is done with school (like graduation), so this spring... We got in the car later to run to the post office real quick and Emily thought we were on our way to Disneyland and on our way to pick up Daddy from school so we could go. Poor girl was devastated when I had to tell her we were just going home to have dinner after I dropped off my packages... When we got home, I was unbuckling her from her carseat and she asked, "Next time we go to Disneyland? and I do tea cups?" Yes, Em... maybe not next time, but I promise you can do the teacups.

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