Sunday Best

February 24, 2013

When we got home from church today Kylie asked if she could cuddle with her little guy until lunch was ready.

She's his favorite.

Kylie and Hudson-1


Smart Cookies

February 16, 2013

We got to do the real valentine exchange this year (and by we I mean Kylie, but it was an excuse for me to make something cute for her, so I'll refer to her as "we"...) We took some pictures (this time it really was we), baked some cookies and put together these super cute little valentines. I think they turned out even cuter than what I had envisioned in my head. 
kylie valentines-3
She signed her name on every one {taking a break to play after every 5 or so and complaining that "this is way too many!"} and helped stuff the cookies into the bags. 
kylie valentines-2
I even made a couple little valentines for Em so that she wouldn't feel left out when we were signing and stuffing (they were exactly the same as Ky's but with her own photos). I wish I had taken pictures of Em's and the way she very carefully signed her name on the back of each one. {Her signature was really made up of a bunch of tiny circles, but as she drew each one she called out the letters, E-M-I-L-Y} Adorable. 
The girls both woke up the next morning excited to eat the cookies in their valentines. I guess I should have explained that they were supposed to give them out to their friends... {we may or may not have had at least one cookie meltdown on the kitchen floor as I tried to explain that a little too late :) } Emily ended up eating all of hers anyway since we didn't actually have anyone to deliver them to and Kylie spent much of the afternoon on a sugar high from all of her sugary treats that she got at preschool. 

My little Hudsey didn't get to make any Valentines this year, but don't worry, I ate some extra cookies for him :) I'm just selfless like that; always thinking about others... 

The husband and little monkeys spoiled me with chocolates and flowers and I spoiled them with a clean house... no seriously... It really was a fun Valentines day though. We don't so much buy into the consumerism side of the holiday, but we do love showing our love for each other and our kids and it's fun to have a day that revolves around those sentiments. {And any holiday that celebrates with the color pink is going to be a favorite in this house, let's just face it :) }
Kylie doing the "tootie tot" song and dance {her favorite song from preschool}


Furry Blankets

February 12, 2013

Okay, let's just go ahead and put it out there. Let's talk about the elephant on my blog. 

Yes, I blogged every day in January and for 36 consecutive days... and then I stopped. I was on quite the little roll there, and feeling pretty proud of myself, but then my poor little guy got sick. It turned into one thing after another and something had to be put on the back-burner, and that was my late night blogging sessions... So I will go ahead and give myself a big pat on the back for a month of blogging well done, but now I'm going back to a more manageable schedule and of course a little catch-up. 

February, and this whole winter in general, has been kicking our little tushies. Hudson was the first to get sick this month. He had a nasty little bout with croup which actually ended up keeping us from flying back to New Hampshire, because his pediatrician said he was too sick to fly :( poor little guy. He's all better now though (thank goodness!) But thanks to our late night all night/mostly asleep nursing sessions, I got a fun week full of mastitis. Ugh! I swear, a sick mommy is no good. Lucky for all of us, once the antibiotics kicked in I was able to at lease crawl to the kitchen to make some meals. I kid, I kid... but seriously, we spent almost two days just bunkered down in my bedroom because I couldn't move. Mastitis is no fun. 
020413-2 copy
Through all of the yuckies and sick buggies we've still be doing great. Our little guy is just growing and growing (and it kills me but I love it). Everywhere we go people are blown away by how big he is; He's growing out of his 9 month clothes and creeping over into the 12 month side of his closet (he's only 4 months...) He's cute as can be and becoming so social. He reminds us alot of Kylie at this age. He smiles and plays with everyone and is very outgoing. But he is still a complete Mama's boy. He will go to anyone (as long as I am within view) and he loves to be tickled. 

[Mike doesn't like it when I tickle him, he says it's not fair since Hudson can't fight back... that coming from the man that is just as ticklish as his baby boy! I think it brings back memories of being pinned down and tickled by his older brother when he was a kid :) ]

Now if I could just get this little booger to start sleeping through the night again, we'd be all set. Ever since he got sick he thinks its fun to wake up 3-5 times during the night. Newsflash Hudson, Mommy needs her sleep, and as much as I love our 3 am slumber parties... I think it's time we called it quits with the up all night thing... mmmkay?
020413-1 copy


Princess Emily

February 2, 2013

Our little Emily:

She has completely taken on the responsibility of making sure Hudsey Boy has a toy at all times. That is, unless it's a toy that she wants to play with, then she will slyly take the one she wants and replace it with another (less cool) toy. 
When she tells a really exciting story she talks really fast and takes huge breaths after every third word and throws in the phrase "and because" in random places. It makes her stories so much more entertaining because we can't help but laugh at how cute the delivery is. 
She always needs to flush the potty. Always. If you try to do it, or forget and just do it for her out of habit, oh man, you are in for it. The best part though, is the way she flushes it. She puts the lid down first and says "flush flush" then she'll put her fingers on the handle, jump tow times and say, "1 2 3 flush flush." and THEN she flushes it. It's that way every time. 


Show and Tell

February 1, 2013

Ky had her very first show and tell and preschool yesterday. Is it weird that I thought this was a pretty huge deal and convinced Mike to stay home with the littles so that I could go spy on her through the two way mirrors at preschool? I didn't think so either.

She brought her favorite little kitten, Snowflake. When it was finally her turn to share, she shyly told them her baby's name and that she got her for Christmas and then she said, "and watch this..." pressed her back, and when the kitty wagged it's tail and moved it's head all of the little 4 year olds giggled. That was the best part. Ky was so proud to share a little piece of what's special to her, in her tiny little shy voice, with all of her little friends.
I didn't want to leave. I am so glad BYU Preschool has this little observation booth so that on mornings when I feel like my baby is growing up too fast, I can skip off to school with her and soak in every part of her "growing up" from behind the mirror. It's hard and absolutely wonderful to watch.