Show and Tell

February 1, 2013

Ky had her very first show and tell and preschool yesterday. Is it weird that I thought this was a pretty huge deal and convinced Mike to stay home with the littles so that I could go spy on her through the two way mirrors at preschool? I didn't think so either.

She brought her favorite little kitten, Snowflake. When it was finally her turn to share, she shyly told them her baby's name and that she got her for Christmas and then she said, "and watch this..." pressed her back, and when the kitty wagged it's tail and moved it's head all of the little 4 year olds giggled. That was the best part. Ky was so proud to share a little piece of what's special to her, in her tiny little shy voice, with all of her little friends.
I didn't want to leave. I am so glad BYU Preschool has this little observation booth so that on mornings when I feel like my baby is growing up too fast, I can skip off to school with her and soak in every part of her "growing up" from behind the mirror. It's hard and absolutely wonderful to watch.

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