Getting Dressed

June 30, 2009

I just thought it was funny last night when Mike was trying to get Kylie dressed and she just wanted to play.

The whole time, all she wanted were kisses for Daddy!


So Domestic

Mike went out and picked a ton of green beans last Saturday and last night we canned them. It's so fun to look into our pantry and see jars and jars of our own green beans. We feel like such grown-ups. (And I loved taking pictures of our finished products!)


Cute Little Girl...

June 29, 2009

with a big toothy grin. As of about last week Kylie is up to six teeth! And we have a feeling she is getting ready to work on a couple more! We just love her cute little toothy grin!


Double Digits!

June 24, 2009

Kylie and I just have too much fun playing together all day long. And, by the way, who said our little girl could grow up so fast? She is 10 months old! We can't believe it! She loves trying to get into everything now. Her favorite thing: Mommy's purse. And once she find the purse, she pulls out mommy's wallet and everything in it. She loves playing with my credit cards and organizing them in her hands. It's adorable. She also loves pulling up on Mommy and Daddy and then letting go and trying to stand by herself. She's even had a few successful, multi-second stands. And she still loves walking around while holding onto our fingers.

This one was from our New Hampshire trip, I just thought it was cute. This is what happens when Kylie's arm meets spoon before spoon reaches mouth while Auntie is dancing behind Mommy... Carrots anyone?

Our little girl is getting so big! Doesn't she look so old?

She was serenading me with her favorite new song, "Aaaaaaa, Daa Daa Laaaaa Aaaa." This little girl LOVES to sing and dance!

Dresses: so cute, but so impractical when you just want to crawl around. Kylie kept tripping over her cute little dress when she was on her way to dig through Mama's purse.


The Website

It's official! is here! We are so excited!

Please make sure you go check it out. Tell all your friends. And let us know what you think!


Mama: The Photographer...

June 19, 2009

We had so much fun in New Hampshire and Boston too! The wedding was absolutely beautiful. We couldn't have asked for better lighting throughout the entire day. What a blessing! I love the way Mallory and Lane's photos turned out and I am so glad I was able to be their photographer! Weddings are too much fun! If you would like to see some of their day, visit And speaking of photography... I am so excited to announce that (the official site) is about to launch! We are starting to get pretty busy around her with our little photo venture and decided it was time to put my work into a more professional medium. It looks so wonderful and I am so excited to share it with all of you very soon!

Kylie and I also got to spend time with My mom and sister while we were out in New Hampshire. It was so much fun! Kylie loves her "Nama" and "TiTi"! We had a picnic, saw the cousins, and played and played and played. Kylie, no surprise, loved all of the attention! We were sad to go but so happy to see Daddy again. It was a really good trip!

So excited to help Mommy with the wedding!

Hanging out with Grandpa Andy

I came back out to the car after shooting in the morning and found Kylie and Jenn taking a little nap together in the back seat.
It was so cute!

KyKy and TiTi at the reception having SO MUCH FUN!

KyKy and TiTi

We love picnics in the backyard!

What are you looking at?!?

Laughing with Auntie Jenn and her special friend, George. She loves their silly faces!


Leaving on a Jet Plane!

June 9, 2009

Kylie and Mommy are headed to New Hampshire tomorrow! I am going to shoot a wedding for a family friend in Boston and we are super excited to be going.
It's going to be just me and baby going through the airports and on the planes because Daddy has to stay here and work. Kylie has always done so well on trips, but I am still so nervous about doing it all without Mike. I just hope she doesn't decide that she wants to pull on the stranger next to me on the plane. She tends to be pretty friendly... It's a good thing she's cute- she can get away with just about anything... And I hope I can push her, pull my wheeled suitcase, carry my diaper bag and camera gear without having any major falls in the terminal... I am packing so many snacks and brand new books and anything else I can think of to keep her occupied and help keep her sitting still. Wish me luck!

"New Hamshire, Here I come!"


My husband, the model...

June 4, 2009

As another part of shareholders week, here at the Walmart home office, Mike was able to participate in a fashion show. He strutted his stuff down the runway dressed in some of Walmart and Sam's Club's new clothes. They called his look "the professor," I called it "the newsie." Before the show Kylie and I went down to spend some time with him and have some lunch.

Talking to anyone and everyone that walked by. She is so talkative these days!

Practicing her own runway walk and pose with Daddy.

Kylie was so confused by Daddy's hat.

my family of models.



June 2, 2009

One of the great things about working for Wal-mart (at their home office) is the annual shareholders week! Every night they host a free concert for Wal-mart associates (and later they open up the doors to the general public for free too) along with other festivities. Being avid country music fans, we were so excited when we found out that Sugarland and Brad Paisley would be coming to town for tonight's concert! It was Kylie's first concert and we had a ton of fun! (I was actually surprised by the number of young children and babies that were there along side KyKy. Since it was a work-sponsored event there was no funny business, alcohol or smoking aloud so it was actually a pretty safe environment for that little ones unlike most other concerts. We really appreciated that.)

Before the concert started they were playing music and panning around the audience on the jumbo screens. Kylie got her very own close-up on the jumbo-tron for the whole arena to see, not once, but 2 times! That camera man really seemed to like our little girl. And she was certain to wave and smile and dance whenever that camera was on her. It was pretty fun!

We only stayed long enough to see Sugarland because Kylie's bedtime was calling but it was still such a great show. Sugarland is so good live! We all loved it!

These pictures were all taken with Mike's camera phone so that's why they are so dark. We really need to get a point-and-shoot camera soon...

{"I love Sugarland!"}

{Singing "Stay."}

{What a great show! Kylie was trying to figure out why we kept holding her cellphone out in front of us.}