Random Ramblings

May 28, 2012

-I’m 22 weeks pregnant. I feel like I’m 32 weeks pregnant. The other day someone commented on how I was about ready to go into labor… nope, I’ve got 4 months still, my tummy just grows really fast… thanks…

-I finally got a pregnancy pillow (I think I finally earned it). The girls got it for me for Mother’s Day. It is amazing! I sleep in my giant C-shaped pillow with another pillow holding up my feet, on top of a 2 inch memory foam mattress pad that is doubled over. By the time I crawl up in bed I’m about 6 inches higher than Mike, haha. But, I’m comfy so I’m happy and I’m not complaining so Mike’s happy :) 

-Mike started his Masters internship last month. He’s working for Mrs. Fields Famous Cookies and TCBY Frozen Yogurt. Can you say dream job??? He gets to eat all the cookies and ice cream he wants all day long… and I’m sure he works somewhere in there too, but seriously, how great is his job? He occasionally brings home some goodies for us too and I am totally okay with that. He seems to like it so far (aside from the 2 hour commute to and from SLC everyday), he’s working on their marketing team and gets to strategize with social media opportunities most of the time –or at least that’s what I understand goes on… cookies, ice cream, facebook – but in a graduate student kind of way…

-Emily talks in her sleep. Last night I went to check on her and give her a little kiss before heading to bed myself and she said, “is that Kylie’s jacket? …no…no…” I laughed out loud. I’ve never heard of a baby that speaks so clearly in her sleep. We have a video monitor set up in her room while she sleeps and just about every night she provides some great entertainment.

-Kylie gives ‘finity hugs. She squeezes around your neck as tight as she can while she holds her breath and when she’s done she asks (or expects you to ask), “could you breathe?” “no” “I couldn’t breathe either” and recently she’s started asking me, “could baby brother breathe?”

-We are loving all of the hot summer weather lately. The girls want to (and do) go out and play with water just about every day. Buckets of water are a favorite. I love that I can let them play in the backyard and watch them from the kitchen window while I make dinner. A little peace for me while I cook and a little fun for the girls while they soak themselves. Win, win for everyone :)


How about the girls’ bed-heads, huh? They took good naps that day :)


I Had A Dream Last Night

May 21, 2012

I saw my baby’s face.
I held him in my arms.
He had big chubby cheeks and light blonde hair.
He slept in his white and blue swaddled blanket while we snuggled in his rocking chair.
It was quiet.
It was my favorite dream. 


20 Weeks

May 18, 2012

I feel like I have so much to say, but I don’t know where to start. I can’t wait to meet my little man. The more I think about having a little boy, the more excited I get. I always thought I was a girl mommy, but I’m learning that I can do boys too. And I can’t wait. Baby-Brother-20-Weeksweb-with-wordsWe’re 20 weeks along and it has flown by. It’s funny how quickly #3 goes by compared to #1 & #2. He’s been kicking alot lately. I first felt him moving around at about 15 weeks, then his kicks got stronger around 18 and now Daddy and the girls can feel him too. Back on the 5th, after spending a good ten minutes with his hand on my tummy, Mike updated his facebook status with “Just felt the little guy kick for the first time... Lovin' it :)” It made me smile.

We had another ultrasound and doctor’s appointment this week. I got to see his sweet little face and hear his quick little heartbeat again. It made me melt. It makes me melt every time. It’s still amazing to me that there is a little person growing inside of me and I get to be his mommy. He’s healthy and growing strong and it is such a blessing.

This pregnancy has been pretty easy-going so far. It has had it’s challenges (as every pregnancy does), but the little kicks and flutters make all of the aches and pains worth it. My first trimester went by smoothly. I am so lucky that I don’t get very sick, just nauseous and tired. Even more tired than I was with the first two, and I’m sure that has alot to do with “the first two.” With this pregnancy though, I have had such a strong aversion to sweets (more so in the 1st tri). I have no desire to eat any of them and if I do it usually just tastes bleh. That’s really the only difference I’ve noticed between this pregnancy and the first two.

The girls are excited about baby brother. Kylie talks to my belly all the time. She likes to give him hugs and kisses. And she thinks it’s her job to tell him to “stop kicking Mommy!” I’ve had to explain to her that it’s fun when baby brother kicks mommy… They both love to try to feel baby brother kick. The first time Kylie felt him she jumped and just looked at me with her eyes open wide, “Did you feel that, Mommy? He kicked me!” For a while I had baby brother’s first ultrasound as the screensaver on my phone. When I would ask Emmie where baby brother is she would say, “Mommy’s phone!” haha, yeah, that’s true… Now she knows he’s in my tummy and tries to look at him through my belly button. Kylie tells me about all of the big girl things she is going to do when baby brother gets here, like sing him songs and tuck him in bed, but not change his diapers “because only mommies change diapers.” :)


Six Years

May 12, 2012

Six years ago today we smashed cake up into each other’s noses.


We’ve had two beautiful girls, lived in 5 states, driven across the country (a couple of times), and are now expecting our first baby boy. It’s been an amazing 6 years and I can’t wait for the rest of eternity. Love you, Goog!


Beach Day!

May 11, 2012

Instead of driving back the day after we were done at Disneyland we decided to take an extra day to veg and enjoy a little SoCal culture. So, we headed down to Santa Monica Pier. We were a little nervous about going just because it was a pretty chilly in the morning but by a little after noon it warmed right up and the beach was pretty much empty, it was perfect.

Kylie couldn’t hold back her excitement when she saw all of the sand. It was their first time visiting the beach and ocean and it was fun to see how each of them reacted (in very different ways). She took off and ran as fast as she could through the sand, laughing the whole way. She could not wait to dig in the sand and play in the water. IMG_4585webEmily, on the other hand, was not a fan of the sand at all. It was fun to look at and hold in her hand, but she did not want it anywhere near her toes! Kinda makes things a little tricky when you are at the BEACH and don’t want to get any sand on your feet. She did love the water though and convinced Bapo and Daddy to take her out to the freezing cold ocean a number of times just so she could touch the waves (just as long as her feet were tucked up so they didn’t get “messy”).IMG_4586web2IMG_4593web2IMG_4603webIMG_4620web2My mom tried to get a picture of us Kirbys with our feet in the sand. Poor Emily was not a fan, haha.
(and may I also point out the Kylie’s pose of choice was a curtsey for this one.)
IMG_4632webOne of my favorite pictures of the day IMG_4636web IMG_4652webKylie and Mimi were having a ball digging in the sand and playing in the water… and then a big wave came and sucked Mimi’s flip flop into the sand and Kylie took off running for the beach as fast as she could. They both got completely soaked. 
IMG_4672web2Emmie got lots of squishies and loves.  
IMG_4684web2Our cute little Kirby fam on our first family trip to the beach. That’s pretty fun :) IMG_4697webAnd Mimi and Bapo and the girliesIMG_4691web  And since Mike and I never take pictures together we needed one too. Aren’t we cute?
IMG_4706webSpeaking of cute, I love how much my sister loves her little niecies and they love their TiTi. IMG_4713webAnd that’s the end of our whole Disney/California trip. It was so much fun & I want to go back and do it all again right now. So many fun memories, so many pictures and videos, and such an amazing time! 



Disneyland – The Last Day

May 10, 2012

First of all, these three days went by waaaaaay too fast. Everyone kept telling us that three days was plenty of time to do and see everything you want to, but we easily could have done 5 and still wanted to go back.

Anyway, day three started off in California Adventure park. We bought park hoppers for all three days but were having so much fun in Disney that we didn’t even think about hopping over. Plus, there are no princesses in CA so why would we even bother :) Seriously though, it was so cute and so much fun. The big kids got to ride their big kid rides and us sissy mommies and the baby girls got to play on the kiddie rides.

Jenn and I never get pictures when we are together. So we insisted on having a little California girls pic of the two of us. Don’t we look so sweet?
IMG_4455web Haha, but this is more like how it really is…
First thing after we got into the park we went over and enjoyed the Disney Junior Live! show. It was adorable. The girls love watching Disney Junior in the mornings while I make breakfast so all of the characters were totally familiar to them. They loved watching their favorite shows live in front of them and being able to participate and sing and dance along. (I liked it too- I think I was singing the loudest out of everyone in there:)IMG_4461web IMG_4462webWe took a stroll in downtown Hollywood 
IMG_4471web…And ran into Sully from Monster’s Inc. Emily was ecstatic about seeing the big blue monster which was totally surprising to us! Kylie, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him and literally took off running and hid behind some strangers in line because she thought she would have to get in the picture too. Instead she watched from my fancy chair while Daddy took a picture of the rest of the girls and the monster. Sully was really funny and he and Emily kept blowing kisses to each other. Pretty darn cute.  
IMG_4475webBugs Land we so cute (notice a cute/adorable theme here?) It was like stepping into a world where you are the size of the little bugs with all of the charm and fun from the movie. The rides were just the right size for the girls. They loved it. 
bugs-life-rideSpeaking of love, my mom loves watermelon… that is all…
(also she was standing about 15 feet in front of the watermelon – how cool are we with our fake grabbing-onto-the-watermelon-abilities? 
IMG_4491webEmmie did a great job of napping in the stroller again so we were able to spend more time in the park. The big kids went off and used their fast passes for the big rides while we played on the little ones. Kylie was just tall enough to go on the jumping jellyfish ride with Mimi. They were pretty cute up there, also I hate that she’s big enough to go on the “you must be this tall” rides.
jellyfish-ride We ran into the Toy Story toy soldiers and Ky and Jenn became official toy recruits. 
While Em was still napping the girls and I hung out while the others went on Soaring Over California (I didn’t think I could go on it anyway, being preggo and all, but apparently I could have).  Good thing we didn’t ride though because we ran into Kylie’s BFF just outside. IMG_4507web IMG_4515erbIMG_4519webOh, hey look, we found another carousel!   
IMG_4538webThe carousel must have reminded the girls of the one over at Fantasyland because that was their next request. Kylie asked when we could see more princesses. Since it was starting to get a little late in the day, we booked it back over to Disney to hopefully catch a couple more princesses at the Fantasy Faire. We got all the way to the front of the line and heard that Ariel, Belle, and Tiana were inside (you don’t know who’s there until it’s your turn to go in). We were so excited to see our last three princesses that we hadn’t had a chance to meet yet. Then it was the girl’s turn… and they switched princesses :( So we got to say hi to Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (again) and meet Jasmine. The girls were excited just to see the princesses again but I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see the other three – there’s always next time though, right?  
IMG_4554webWe grabbed some dinner at one of the little restaurants right off of Main Street and just in time for the parade to start. Both girls loved the parade the night before so they begged Daddy and Bapo to take them over to see it again. They did lots of dancing and waving. IMG_4557web IMG_4565webWe had the perfect ending to our Disney adventure by finishing it off with the World of Color show at California Adventure. It was AMAZING! And that handy little chair of mine got us some nice little seats too :) Bapo got us all some yummy ice cream to enjoy while we waited for the water & lights show to start. It really was the perfect ending. IMG_4571web


Disney – Day Two

Day two was Princess Day! We used our magic morning passes and started our day at the park an hour early and the little girlies got to wear their most glamorous princess dresses. It was definitely a magic morning. The little princesses wanted to go straight over to Fantasyland again (I swear we didn’t spend the whole trip there – just most of it :)

IMG_4293webIMG_4302web IMG_4322webIMG_4320web  We met some of our favorite princesses at the Princess Fantasy Faire. They were all so sweet and Kylie was –jumping up and down- excited to see them all (Emily was still waking up so I’m not so sure she was as excited since she wouldn’t really get in any pictures…). IMG_4345web IMG_4347web IMG_4356web
mulan  Our own little Princess standing like a sweet little princess.
I absolutely love how girly she is, it’s so fun to watch.
So, I didn’t originally want to include any pictures of me in a wheelchair but it became a fun memory (or at least a memory) of Disneyland so I have to put it in. Mike was given strict instructions to take care of me and that baby and after day one of walking alllll day, my pregnant body was not too happy with me, so we decided it would be best to rent a wheelchair for the next two days. Seriously, it was the best $12 ever spent (I think Mike would agree since he didn’t have to listen to me complain about my sore hips, feet, and body after that :)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         We got in line to ride Casey Jr’s train while Daddy waited in line to meet Rapunzel (what a good daddy). While we were waiting Emmie decided she wanted to ride in the monkey cage, so she got to eat a little monkey treat while we waited for the train. It was cheesy but she got really excited about being just like a monkey :)

In the monkey cage dancing and clapping to the music.  IMG_4370web

…still waiting to meet Rapunzel…
Here’s a funny story for our trip… A couple hours after we left the Princess Fantasy Faire I realized that I must have left my purse there because it was nowhere to be found. Mike ran back to get it and was greeted by security. Apparently my lost purse was treated as a suspicious bag and they cleared out the entire attraction including the princesses and brought in a bomb dog to sniff it out. They were all super understanding when Mike apologized for leaving it behind and we had a good laugh about it later, but seriously, we felt horrible. Lesson to be learned: don't leave your purse anywhere at Disneyland.

This is Mike's "It's not a bomb..." face. IMG_4393webFinally meeting their new favorite Princess, “Tay-nee” “Tangled” or “Rapunzel” whichever you’d like :)
Haha, Emily was actually really excited about meeting Rapunzel and Flynn but was a little confused with so many people all trying to take their picture at the same time in that little tiny dark room :)IMG_4404webSo, ever since we met Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy the day before, Emily had been talking about how she wanted to see Donald. We finally found him when we were getting ready to leave for lunch and she was star-struck and beyond thrilled. She talked about him the whole rest of the trip too. 
IMG_4413webWe left the park and had lunch in Downtown Disney while Emily took a little nap in the stroller. (I honestly wasn’t sure how that would work but she fell right to sleep while we were walking and stayed that way for a good 1 1/2 hours.) Ky was a champ and wanted to prove that she was a big girl; she insisted she didn’t need a nap (unlike the day before when they both completely crashed in the hotel room).
We got back to the park and went on a few more rides – outside of Fantasyland even- go figure. Finding Nemo was Emily’s absolute favorite ride of the whole trip. She was glued to her little submarine window the whole time, talking to all of her little Nemo friends and providing some very entertaining commentary for us. When we asked her later, in our little Disney home movie, what her favorite part was, she was quick to shout, Nemo! She still talks about seeing Nemo at Disneyland. (oh, and Emily changed out of her dress so she could take a nap, hence the random clothing change…)

nemoOur little 3 (going on 16) year old got to drive with Daddy. When they drove by me she barely glanced up to show me her smile. She enjoyed driving that car a little too much. I asked Daddy if Kylie was a good driver and she chimed in exclaiming “Yes!” while Daddy silently shook his head “no” behind her. But she was so excited :)
IMG_4441webWe found Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow.
IMG_4430web We finished the night at the parade. It was amazing. I cried. Don’t judge.
IMG_4448webBefore it started we bought the girls a light-up bubble blower that they had been mesmerized by all day. They, and every other child near us, loved it. IMG_4444webIMG_4450webI was too busy enjoying the parade and my family to take any more pictures but we also have video of the whole trip so that will fill in the gaps where I may have missed. The girls loved waving to the characters and especially the princesses. We loved watching the girls.