Disneyland – The Last Day

May 10, 2012

First of all, these three days went by waaaaaay too fast. Everyone kept telling us that three days was plenty of time to do and see everything you want to, but we easily could have done 5 and still wanted to go back.

Anyway, day three started off in California Adventure park. We bought park hoppers for all three days but were having so much fun in Disney that we didn’t even think about hopping over. Plus, there are no princesses in CA so why would we even bother :) Seriously though, it was so cute and so much fun. The big kids got to ride their big kid rides and us sissy mommies and the baby girls got to play on the kiddie rides.

Jenn and I never get pictures when we are together. So we insisted on having a little California girls pic of the two of us. Don’t we look so sweet?
IMG_4455web Haha, but this is more like how it really is…
First thing after we got into the park we went over and enjoyed the Disney Junior Live! show. It was adorable. The girls love watching Disney Junior in the mornings while I make breakfast so all of the characters were totally familiar to them. They loved watching their favorite shows live in front of them and being able to participate and sing and dance along. (I liked it too- I think I was singing the loudest out of everyone in there:)IMG_4461web IMG_4462webWe took a stroll in downtown Hollywood 
IMG_4471web…And ran into Sully from Monster’s Inc. Emily was ecstatic about seeing the big blue monster which was totally surprising to us! Kylie, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him and literally took off running and hid behind some strangers in line because she thought she would have to get in the picture too. Instead she watched from my fancy chair while Daddy took a picture of the rest of the girls and the monster. Sully was really funny and he and Emily kept blowing kisses to each other. Pretty darn cute.  
IMG_4475webBugs Land we so cute (notice a cute/adorable theme here?) It was like stepping into a world where you are the size of the little bugs with all of the charm and fun from the movie. The rides were just the right size for the girls. They loved it. 
bugs-life-rideSpeaking of love, my mom loves watermelon… that is all…
(also she was standing about 15 feet in front of the watermelon – how cool are we with our fake grabbing-onto-the-watermelon-abilities? 
IMG_4491webEmmie did a great job of napping in the stroller again so we were able to spend more time in the park. The big kids went off and used their fast passes for the big rides while we played on the little ones. Kylie was just tall enough to go on the jumping jellyfish ride with Mimi. They were pretty cute up there, also I hate that she’s big enough to go on the “you must be this tall” rides.
jellyfish-ride We ran into the Toy Story toy soldiers and Ky and Jenn became official toy recruits. 
While Em was still napping the girls and I hung out while the others went on Soaring Over California (I didn’t think I could go on it anyway, being preggo and all, but apparently I could have).  Good thing we didn’t ride though because we ran into Kylie’s BFF just outside. IMG_4507web IMG_4515erbIMG_4519webOh, hey look, we found another carousel!   
IMG_4538webThe carousel must have reminded the girls of the one over at Fantasyland because that was their next request. Kylie asked when we could see more princesses. Since it was starting to get a little late in the day, we booked it back over to Disney to hopefully catch a couple more princesses at the Fantasy Faire. We got all the way to the front of the line and heard that Ariel, Belle, and Tiana were inside (you don’t know who’s there until it’s your turn to go in). We were so excited to see our last three princesses that we hadn’t had a chance to meet yet. Then it was the girl’s turn… and they switched princesses :( So we got to say hi to Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (again) and meet Jasmine. The girls were excited just to see the princesses again but I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see the other three – there’s always next time though, right?  
IMG_4554webWe grabbed some dinner at one of the little restaurants right off of Main Street and just in time for the parade to start. Both girls loved the parade the night before so they begged Daddy and Bapo to take them over to see it again. They did lots of dancing and waving. IMG_4557web IMG_4565webWe had the perfect ending to our Disney adventure by finishing it off with the World of Color show at California Adventure. It was AMAZING! And that handy little chair of mine got us some nice little seats too :) Bapo got us all some yummy ice cream to enjoy while we waited for the water & lights show to start. It really was the perfect ending. IMG_4571web

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