Disneyland – Day One

May 10, 2012

Disneyland was absolutely amazing! The thing we were looking forward to most about this trip was seeing the joy and excitement and wonder on our little girls’ faces. We were not disappointed in the least. This place is seriously magical, and to be able to experience it and watch it through the eyes of your children is even more amazing.

 When we came in through the main gates and stepped out onto Main Street USA we were just in time for some of our favorite characters to come out from backstage and greet us. Goofy was our first friend to say hi. Kylie was pretty hesitant (Even though we were sure to tell her that the characters were going to be really big, like mommy and daddy, and not like the little ones on tv, I think she was still expecting people her own size). I love Goofy’s expression in our first picture of the day :)

IMG_4086web Emily warmed up to the big guy a little quicker, either that or Daddy was holding her so she didn’t have a chance to stand back with her big sister. IMG_4088web Mickey came strolling out next. It’s funny how excited we all got to see that famous little mouse. IMG_4091web Don’t you love the matching sisters shirts on all us little sisters :)
And the way my baby belly made my Mickey’s nose point up like he’s surprised to see the real Mickey. IMG_4093web Minnie was one of our absolute favorites! She was so much fun and so girly. The girls were so excited to see her! When we were standing in line Kylie was telling us about how she was going to dance with Minnie and when it was our turn Daddy asked Minnie if she liked to dance. Minnie jumped up and down, nodded her head yes and she and Kylie twirled and danced together. It was already the highlight of the whole trip. I so wish we had our video camera out for this part but we were all so excited for little Kylie, getting to dance with Minnie Mouse. The whole rest of the trip she told us that that was her favorite part of Disneyland. It was mine too :)IMG_4096webIMG_4102web IMG_4108web IMG_4113web We finished saying hi and goodbye to some of our favorite characters on Main Street and started on our way toward Fantasyland,
and that’s when they saw it… Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  the-castle We pretty much ran over there (just trying to keep up with Kylie). She ran over to the giant star and started posing like a princess. No one asked her to or was planning on taking her picture, I guess she just really felt like a princess. It was pretty cute.
IMG_4143webIMG_4150web The girls got to meet two of their favorite princesses just outside of the fantasyland gates too. 
They were a little shy but who wouldn't be in the presence of royalty :) 
IMG_4159web IMG_4160web Cinderella showed the girls how to pose like a princess and then even twirled with Kylie. I think Kylie made it her goal after Minnie to see how many girls she could get to twirl with her :) IMG_4166web The girls picked out their fairy princess Minnie Mouse ears at the Mad Hatter Shop
(the same place Jenn and I got out first Mickey ears 20+ years ago).
IMG_4184web Then, we discovered the teacups. This was definitely the favorite among both girls.
We rode it at least 5 times during the 3 day trip and it would have been more if the kiddos had gotten their way.    IMG_4201web IMG_4176webHaha, I’m putting this one in here just because I think it’s funny. I wanted a picture of her with her new little ears and she was mad because I wanted her to look up and it was “too briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…”IMG_4207webI love her little pigtails.IMG_4219webThe girls loved all of the magical little doors, but they couldn’t understand why none of them opened. IMG_4227webThe first taste of cotton candy. Both girls inhaled it and had some nice little sugar highs right before they crashed at naptime.  cotton-candy
We spent most of our day in fantasyland and rode all of the cute girly rides. The carousel was another favorite.  IMG_4242web
We finally made our way into Toontown and tried just one ride there. The line looked short to the Roger Rabbit ride so we gave it a try. Wrong. It was sooo long and Kylie was getting pretty freaked out just waiting in line so she and I skipped out while the others rode and enjoyed a little snack by the fountain. The others said it was not worth the wait… haha 
One last ride on the teacups and that pretty much sums up our first day at Disney.  IMG_4266web

We also ate at some yummy restaurants in Disney and toured some of the other lands. The girls and I headed back to the hotel around naptime while the big kids stayed back and rode the big kid rides. I enjoyed the little naptime break too. We rode rides, walked around, and enjoyed the scenery until dinnertime when we headed back to a restaurant by the hotel and then headed up to our rooms and passed out in our comfy beds.

Like I said, it was a pretty amazing day and we were all so excited to do it all over again the next day.

Sherri Reinfurt  – (May 14, 2012 at 6:07 AM)  

yep that about sums it up! What a great day!

Grafulas  – (May 14, 2012 at 11:10 PM)  

I love your little family. Your girls have such pretty hair. I remember being disappointed about the door thing when I went at age 5 too...

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