Beach Day!

May 11, 2012

Instead of driving back the day after we were done at Disneyland we decided to take an extra day to veg and enjoy a little SoCal culture. So, we headed down to Santa Monica Pier. We were a little nervous about going just because it was a pretty chilly in the morning but by a little after noon it warmed right up and the beach was pretty much empty, it was perfect.

Kylie couldn’t hold back her excitement when she saw all of the sand. It was their first time visiting the beach and ocean and it was fun to see how each of them reacted (in very different ways). She took off and ran as fast as she could through the sand, laughing the whole way. She could not wait to dig in the sand and play in the water. IMG_4585webEmily, on the other hand, was not a fan of the sand at all. It was fun to look at and hold in her hand, but she did not want it anywhere near her toes! Kinda makes things a little tricky when you are at the BEACH and don’t want to get any sand on your feet. She did love the water though and convinced Bapo and Daddy to take her out to the freezing cold ocean a number of times just so she could touch the waves (just as long as her feet were tucked up so they didn’t get “messy”).IMG_4586web2IMG_4593web2IMG_4603webIMG_4620web2My mom tried to get a picture of us Kirbys with our feet in the sand. Poor Emily was not a fan, haha.
(and may I also point out the Kylie’s pose of choice was a curtsey for this one.)
IMG_4632webOne of my favorite pictures of the day IMG_4636web IMG_4652webKylie and Mimi were having a ball digging in the sand and playing in the water… and then a big wave came and sucked Mimi’s flip flop into the sand and Kylie took off running for the beach as fast as she could. They both got completely soaked. 
IMG_4672web2Emmie got lots of squishies and loves.  
IMG_4684web2Our cute little Kirby fam on our first family trip to the beach. That’s pretty fun :) IMG_4697webAnd Mimi and Bapo and the girliesIMG_4691web  And since Mike and I never take pictures together we needed one too. Aren’t we cute?
IMG_4706webSpeaking of cute, I love how much my sister loves her little niecies and they love their TiTi. IMG_4713webAnd that’s the end of our whole Disney/California trip. It was so much fun & I want to go back and do it all again right now. So many fun memories, so many pictures and videos, and such an amazing time! 


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