Disney – Day Two

May 10, 2012

Day two was Princess Day! We used our magic morning passes and started our day at the park an hour early and the little girlies got to wear their most glamorous princess dresses. It was definitely a magic morning. The little princesses wanted to go straight over to Fantasyland again (I swear we didn’t spend the whole trip there – just most of it :)

IMG_4293webIMG_4302web IMG_4322webIMG_4320web  We met some of our favorite princesses at the Princess Fantasy Faire. They were all so sweet and Kylie was –jumping up and down- excited to see them all (Emily was still waking up so I’m not so sure she was as excited since she wouldn’t really get in any pictures…). IMG_4345web IMG_4347web IMG_4356web
mulan  Our own little Princess standing like a sweet little princess.
I absolutely love how girly she is, it’s so fun to watch.
So, I didn’t originally want to include any pictures of me in a wheelchair but it became a fun memory (or at least a memory) of Disneyland so I have to put it in. Mike was given strict instructions to take care of me and that baby and after day one of walking alllll day, my pregnant body was not too happy with me, so we decided it would be best to rent a wheelchair for the next two days. Seriously, it was the best $12 ever spent (I think Mike would agree since he didn’t have to listen to me complain about my sore hips, feet, and body after that :)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         We got in line to ride Casey Jr’s train while Daddy waited in line to meet Rapunzel (what a good daddy). While we were waiting Emmie decided she wanted to ride in the monkey cage, so she got to eat a little monkey treat while we waited for the train. It was cheesy but she got really excited about being just like a monkey :)

In the monkey cage dancing and clapping to the music.  IMG_4370web

…still waiting to meet Rapunzel…
Here’s a funny story for our trip… A couple hours after we left the Princess Fantasy Faire I realized that I must have left my purse there because it was nowhere to be found. Mike ran back to get it and was greeted by security. Apparently my lost purse was treated as a suspicious bag and they cleared out the entire attraction including the princesses and brought in a bomb dog to sniff it out. They were all super understanding when Mike apologized for leaving it behind and we had a good laugh about it later, but seriously, we felt horrible. Lesson to be learned: don't leave your purse anywhere at Disneyland.

This is Mike's "It's not a bomb..." face. IMG_4393webFinally meeting their new favorite Princess, “Tay-nee” “Tangled” or “Rapunzel” whichever you’d like :)
Haha, Emily was actually really excited about meeting Rapunzel and Flynn but was a little confused with so many people all trying to take their picture at the same time in that little tiny dark room :)IMG_4404webSo, ever since we met Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy the day before, Emily had been talking about how she wanted to see Donald. We finally found him when we were getting ready to leave for lunch and she was star-struck and beyond thrilled. She talked about him the whole rest of the trip too. 
IMG_4413webWe left the park and had lunch in Downtown Disney while Emily took a little nap in the stroller. (I honestly wasn’t sure how that would work but she fell right to sleep while we were walking and stayed that way for a good 1 1/2 hours.) Ky was a champ and wanted to prove that she was a big girl; she insisted she didn’t need a nap (unlike the day before when they both completely crashed in the hotel room).
We got back to the park and went on a few more rides – outside of Fantasyland even- go figure. Finding Nemo was Emily’s absolute favorite ride of the whole trip. She was glued to her little submarine window the whole time, talking to all of her little Nemo friends and providing some very entertaining commentary for us. When we asked her later, in our little Disney home movie, what her favorite part was, she was quick to shout, Nemo! She still talks about seeing Nemo at Disneyland. (oh, and Emily changed out of her dress so she could take a nap, hence the random clothing change…)

nemoOur little 3 (going on 16) year old got to drive with Daddy. When they drove by me she barely glanced up to show me her smile. She enjoyed driving that car a little too much. I asked Daddy if Kylie was a good driver and she chimed in exclaiming “Yes!” while Daddy silently shook his head “no” behind her. But she was so excited :)
IMG_4441webWe found Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow.
IMG_4430web We finished the night at the parade. It was amazing. I cried. Don’t judge.
IMG_4448webBefore it started we bought the girls a light-up bubble blower that they had been mesmerized by all day. They, and every other child near us, loved it. IMG_4444webIMG_4450webI was too busy enjoying the parade and my family to take any more pictures but we also have video of the whole trip so that will fill in the gaps where I may have missed. The girls loved waving to the characters and especially the princesses. We loved watching the girls.

Sherri Reinfurt  – (May 18, 2012 at 8:10 AM)  

Day 2 was my favorite too! Princess day was awesome! Great pictures to capture the day.

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