Ready for Church!

November 30, 2008

Kylie always looks so cute going to church when she gets to wear her adorable dresses. We realized today that we never take any pictures before we change her out them. So, of course, we had to take some when we got home. She even got to wear her little black pea-coat, just like Mommy.

{Kylie is learning to smile for the camera.}

{She's a little giggler sometimes!}

{Once again...mesmerized by the camera.}


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008

We went all out this year for Thanksgiving! It was our first time hosting a feast in our own home and it went perfectly! We did Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, broccoli souffle, rolls, green salad, ambrosia salad, deviled eggs, veggies and dip, spinach dip and sourdough bread, fruit and cheese, cranberry sauce, and of course sticky buns, apple and pumpkin pie! And the best part... there were only 6 of us. Talk about a ridiculous amount of leftovers! Everything was timed perfectly and we were pretty proud of ourselves for that. We even timed Kylie's meal so that we could eat undisturbed (turned out we ended up taking care of a little diaper malfunction anyway), but it was all wonderful!

Kylie was, of course, cute as always and quite the little social butterfly. I made a cute little orange and pink flower for her hair. It was way too big and a little overwhelming on her little head but she still looked so cute. Unfortunately we forgot to put it on her when we wanted to get a quick little family photo.

{Happy Thanksgiving!}


So Crafty

November 26, 2008

We've been pretty crafty here in the Kirby household lately. Here is Miss Kylie modeling her latest creations. I appliqued that little country flower on one of her plain white onesies. We think it turned out pretty cute.

{Just chillin'}

{I love her face in this one. She is always so interested in cameras}

We made this pretty artwork for Kylie's room last week for Family Home Evening. It was fun and they turned out way cute. {Thanks for the idea Carrie}

(I took these pictures with my broken point and shoot camera so sorry about the poor quality.)
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The best part of my day...

November 23, 2008

This is definitely one of the best parts of being a mom!


Smiley Kylie!

November 20, 2008

Today, Kylie and I were playing on the floor and she was getting so excited by my silly faces. I ran and grabbed my camera real quick and was able to get some adorable shots of her.

She was so smiley...

and then she started cracking up!

She is so beautiful! I could just look at her all day!

Kylie turned 3 months old yesterday. She is growing up way too fast! I had a mini-realization of how fast she's growing up when we were at Walmart yesterday. We were walking down the toy aisle and I saw some toys with the "3+" symbol on it and I thought, "Our baby is old enough to play with that..." and then I started crying... not really, but I thought about it!
Happy Birthday, Kylie!


A Little Tummy Time

November 18, 2008

This is just a little clip of Kylie during "tummy time" yesterday. She looked like she was posing for a picture, it made me laugh. She's such a cutie! I wish I would have had my camera out to get a cute little picture, but I'm glad I at least had the video camera. Enjoy!


"Look how Cute My Baby Is!"

November 17, 2008

Mike and I like to brag to each other about how cute our baby is. Can you blame us? I was carrying Kylie around like this the other day saying, "Look how cute my baby is!"

Kylie is doing great and growing like crazy. Yesterday she wore the cutest little purple dress to church and she completely filled it out... and it was a 6 month dress! She's not even 3 months yet... We are so glad she's so healthy though and eating so well.

Here's a picture of Kylie staring at the fun toys on her playgym and showing off the cute new bow mommy made for her. She is so stinking cute from every angle! I just love that little button nose!


Such a Happy Baby!

November 11, 2008

Mike and I are always talking about how truly blessed we are to have such a good, happy baby. She just loves to smile and learn and play. As long as we keep her tummy full and the gas bubbles out, Kylie is as happy as they come. Her latest favoritest thing to do is sit on Mommy or Daddy's lap. She has learned that, with help, she can sit up straight and see a whole lot more so this is her new favorite place to be. She also loves meeting new people. As long as you've got a silly grin on your face, Kylie will love you! She is such a good girl! We are so lucky to have her!

This morning, while she was getting dressed, she wanted to play so we practiced rolling over on our bed. She loved it when I applauded her and cheered when she rolled over so well, she wanted to keep going. She's so silly.

Then we played some more fun games on our bed and finally got her laughing captured on camera. Sorry that the camera is zoomed out so far but at least you can hear the most wonderful sound in the world! The first video, she was getting so excited while I was pulling her across the bed. I wish I could have gotten her face...

This next video is us bouncing on the bed. Daddy started playing this with her a little while ago and she just loves it. It's so funny. Again, I wish I could have recorded her face but anytime she sees the camera she gets distracted and just stares at it. Still, I just love her little laugh!


The latest...

November 6, 2008

There's really nothing new or exciting to report in this post. Kylie did just get a new toy that she absolutely loves. It's one of the play-gym-mat things. It's bright and colorful with a fun little jungle theme. The last couple mornings I've put here on it to play while I took care of some things around the house and I'll come back to find that she played so hard and had so much fun she wore herself out and is sound asleep. It's the funniest thing. This morning she was even batting at the fun toys overhead with her eyes closed. She loves it so much she even plays while she sleeps. We'll have to get some pictures of her playing soon. In the meantime, here's a picture of Kylie being super cheesy while I was making dinner yesterday.

In Mommy news, I've really taken a liking to my hobby of making baby bows. It's so much fun and they turn out so cute. Just last night we went out a bought a bunch of ribbon so I could play today. So naturally, as soon as I finished a pretty pink one for Kylie, we pulled out the camera and took a ridiculous amount of pictures. She just loves looking at the camera which is good because she will definitely be well photographed for the rest of her life.

So cute and bright-eyed, showing off her new bow. The big ones are so fun.

She wanted so badly to sit up and kept lunging forward.

Then she gave up and just started blowing bubbles.


Photo Shoot With Our Pretty Baby

November 4, 2008

I couldn't pick just a couple to share...

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She loves the camera...

November 1, 2008

Kylie was in such a talkative mood this morning so I grabbed my phone and got some video of her. She got even more excited when she realized she could see herself and kept lunging for the camera.


Baby's First Halloween

Halloween was a fun-filled day for our whole family. We started our day with Daddy leaving for work bright and early. Then the girls got out of bed, had a little breakfast, and I was off to finish putting together our family's costumes. I made Kylie's costume from head to toe, and boy, did it turn out cute!?! Before the festivities we met up with Daddy to do a little last minute shopping at Wally-mart. Kylie wore her little pumpkin outfit from Grandma Sherri and Grandpa Andy. She just loved it. It came with a little pumpkin hat too but I vouched for the bow instead because she never goes a day without her pretty bows.

Here are some pictures of Kylie in her day outfit:

Later that afternoon we headed over to the Walmart Home Office (headquaters), where Mike works, and did some trick-or-treating. For Halloween all of the associates are able to bring their kids and family to work in their costumes and go around trick-or-treating to all of the different departments in the office. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of people handing out candy. It is amazing how much candy these kids can collect in two short hours of walking around. We really only brought Kylie to show off how cute she is. All of the ladies Mike works with are always oohing and aahing over how cute she is. Even some of the guys have a hard time letting her go.

That night we went to a Chili Cook Off/ Trunk or Treat at our church. It was pretty fun especially since Mike and I dressed up too. Kylie had a good time and spent most of the night smiling and laughing with us. She was definitely the cutest little girl there!

We had to set up the tripod to get a picture of our cute little Fifties Family before we headed out.

She's such a little ham.

Kylie was having a ball.

...and then she found her hand and sucked on that for about ten minutes.

Mike practicing his best Greese moves while passing out candy.

Kylie wanted to help pass out candy too.

Family picture in front of the Halloween decorations.

When we got home we had to get some pictures of how cute she was in her little costume.

Happy Halloween!