"Look how Cute My Baby Is!"

November 17, 2008

Mike and I like to brag to each other about how cute our baby is. Can you blame us? I was carrying Kylie around like this the other day saying, "Look how cute my baby is!"

Kylie is doing great and growing like crazy. Yesterday she wore the cutest little purple dress to church and she completely filled it out... and it was a 6 month dress! She's not even 3 months yet... We are so glad she's so healthy though and eating so well.

Here's a picture of Kylie staring at the fun toys on her playgym and showing off the cute new bow mommy made for her. She is so stinking cute from every angle! I just love that little button nose!

Brittany & Bud Morrow  – (November 17, 2008 at 2:14 PM)  

She is so cute! I love looking at pictures of her. You're looking so great as well. Hope all is going well!

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