Baby's First Halloween

November 1, 2008

Halloween was a fun-filled day for our whole family. We started our day with Daddy leaving for work bright and early. Then the girls got out of bed, had a little breakfast, and I was off to finish putting together our family's costumes. I made Kylie's costume from head to toe, and boy, did it turn out cute!?! Before the festivities we met up with Daddy to do a little last minute shopping at Wally-mart. Kylie wore her little pumpkin outfit from Grandma Sherri and Grandpa Andy. She just loved it. It came with a little pumpkin hat too but I vouched for the bow instead because she never goes a day without her pretty bows.

Here are some pictures of Kylie in her day outfit:

Later that afternoon we headed over to the Walmart Home Office (headquaters), where Mike works, and did some trick-or-treating. For Halloween all of the associates are able to bring their kids and family to work in their costumes and go around trick-or-treating to all of the different departments in the office. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of people handing out candy. It is amazing how much candy these kids can collect in two short hours of walking around. We really only brought Kylie to show off how cute she is. All of the ladies Mike works with are always oohing and aahing over how cute she is. Even some of the guys have a hard time letting her go.

That night we went to a Chili Cook Off/ Trunk or Treat at our church. It was pretty fun especially since Mike and I dressed up too. Kylie had a good time and spent most of the night smiling and laughing with us. She was definitely the cutest little girl there!

We had to set up the tripod to get a picture of our cute little Fifties Family before we headed out.

She's such a little ham.

Kylie was having a ball.

...and then she found her hand and sucked on that for about ten minutes.

Mike practicing his best Greese moves while passing out candy.

Kylie wanted to help pass out candy too.

Family picture in front of the Halloween decorations.

When we got home we had to get some pictures of how cute she was in her little costume.

Happy Halloween!

Janelle  – (November 1, 2008 at 1:22 PM)  

She's so cute, Erica. I especially love the last picture, where she's looking right at the camera, but he head is turned slightly to the side. Looks like you've got a little model on your hands!

kirbt  – (November 2, 2008 at 12:37 PM)  


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