So Much Fun in the Sun!

May 31, 2009

Kylie went swimming on Saturday for the first time and it was so much fun! We put her in her super cute, hot pink, polka-dot bikini, slathered on about half of a bottle of sunscreen and hopped in. We knew it would take a little time to convince Kylie that sitting in a pool of cold water was actually fun, and after about an hour, she finally warmed up to the idea. We had a great time sitting in the baby pool and letting Kylie wade around in her little baby floatie. As soon as she realized she could touch the bottom and the floatie would help keep her balanced, she was walking around like nobody's business. She loved swimming and we can't wait to take her back to the pool real soon!


Swing Swing Swing

May 27, 2009

We took Kylie to the park for the first time yesterday. She was more interested in the other kids playing than the fun swings or crazy jungle gyms. And she didn't seem to like the slide very much...(picture to follow) Nonetheless, we had fun.

Swinging with Daddy but really just wanting to run around with the other kids.

So much fun

Like I said, not a fan of the slide...

Kylie has been amazing us each and every day with the new things she is learning to do. She loves holding onto our fingers while she walks around the house but in the last couple of days she has become 'Miss Independent' and will try walking by herself. On Memorial Day we had a couple of friends over and they brought their 2+ year old boys. Kylie was just standing there (with Daddy) observing them and all of a sudden she let go of Dad's fingers and took off. She took about three steps on her own before starting to tip and Daddy grabbed her. A number of times since then, she has been daring enough to let go and take a couple steps on her own! She loves it! And we just can't believe she is learning how to walk already! Our baby girl is growing up!


9 Months!

May 23, 2009

Our little princess turned 9 months old on Thursday! Seriously, it is just flying by. It is so crazy to see how much she has grown and learned in the past nine months. We are so blessed to have her and to be able to learn right along side her.

We went to the doctor on Friday and she is healthy as can be. Here are her new stats:
Age: 9 months 1 day
Weight: 20 lbs 10 1/2 ounces=70th percentile (she's definitely getting longer and leaner.)
Height: 29 inches= 93th percentile
Head Circumference: 18 inches= >90th percentile

Today we went down to one of those chain studios and had a free family portrait taken (we had a coupon :) to celebrate Kylie turning nine months old. We don't usually like those kinds of cookie-cutter studios but since we got the print totally free we were all in. It turned out pretty cute too.

Here's our newest family picture:


Home Sweet Home!

May 15, 2009

Finally, here is a little photo tour of our new home. Like we've mentioned a thousand times before, we love it here and are so happy and proud to be homeowners. Enjoy...

{Our Beautiful Home!}

{The Living Room with Formal Dining, Entryway, and Office Door in the background.}

{Another view of the Living Room.}

{And one more view of the Living Room. The hallway to the right leads to the Laundry Room, three of the Bedrooms and Guest Bath.}

{The Formal Dining Room.}


{Another view of the Kitchen.}

{The Breakfast Nook from the living room.}

{Kylie's Room.}

{Guest Bedroom.}

{Guest Bathroom.}

{Looking down the hallway to the Master Bedroom.}

{The Master Bedroom from the doorway.}

{Another view of the master bedroom.}

{Looking into the master bath.}

{Jacuzzi tub... enough said!}

Not included are pictures of the office and 4th bedroom/my studio because those are still works in progress. Also the laundry room and garage, but those are boring anyway.

We hope you enjoyed the tour! Now come visit anytime!


Pretty Pretty KyKy

I just wanted to post these new pictures of KyKy. I really have nothing else to say... Isn't she so pretty?


Kylie and Mommy

May 14, 2009

Seriously though, how cute are we?

The lighting in Kylie's room is always so perfect. We took this picture for Daddy on our wedding anniversary as a gift. He loved it!


Mama Day Flowers

May 12, 2009

I have the most amazing family, and they gave me the most amazing Mother's Day. The whole day, Mike and Kylie went out of their way to make me feel loved and appreciated. Mike brought home some beautiful Gerber Daisies and a card for me and Kylie surprised me with a goody bag of my most coveted Pampered Chef items. They are both so thoughtful! I just love my family!

Yesterday, Kylie and I took some pictures while she discovered how fun my "Mama Day" flowers were. She never quite grasped the idea of "be soft" or "smells so nice..." instead she enjoyed sweeping the floor with her flower, swinging it around as fast as she could and trying to figure out what that stick was coming out of the bottom of it. Her curiosity is so sweet.

While we were at the temple in Idaho Falls I got this great shot of the Angel Moroni statue atop the temple. I liked it and wanted to share...


3 Years

Three years ago, today, we were doing this...

Happy Anniversary, Googely Boogely Bear! I love you the most forever and ever amen! (times infinity to the infiniteth power!)


"We hug with both arms in this family..."

May 7, 2009

On Saturday, May 2 my grandmother, Betty Kirby passed away at the age of 84. After hearing from my dad regarding her passing, Erica, Kylie, and I purchased tickets to fly to Idaho to attend Grandma's funeral. We flew out of Arkansas on Sunday morning arriving in Idaho that afternoon. Although the circumstances were not favorable, it was very nice to see and spend time with family. It had been almost a year since Erica and I had been to Idaho, and this was Kylie's first trip to the Gem State. She really liked it! Plus she got to hang out with her Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandpa, aunts, uncle, cousins, and tons of extended family besides that. She loved seeing other kids her age and size (those are two very different things).

A highlight of the trip was attending the Temple on Tuesday with my Grandpa Kirby, my dad, and my aunts. Erica was nice enough to stay with Kylie while I attended with my family. They had a great time walking around the Temple grounds, taking pictures, and teaching Kylie about the Temple. The tulips had started blooming and Erica got some very pretty pictures of the grounds and Kylie.

Grandma Kirby's viewing was Tuesday afternoon and the funeral service was Wednesday. It was a wonderful service. My aunt Kitty gave the life sketch and was followed with remarks by my cousin Heath Mitchell, David Chapple, and myself. We spoke of good memories of Grandma and things we admired about her, specifically her love for our Grandpa and her family. Principles of the Gospel were also incorporated to remember Grandma's better life after passing from mortality. A knowledge of the Plan of Salvation brings comfort and reassurance in times of grief. Grandma lived a wonderful life and left a legacy of love for each of us to follow.

{Four Generations of Kirby}

{Don, Grandpa, and Mike at the Idaho Falls Temple}

{Pretty Girl, taking pictures with Mommy.}

{She was in the middle of singing to Mommy about the temple.}

{"Why do you keep putting this thing on my head?"}

{She loved picking the grass and trying to eat it. }

{Chillin' in the car, waiting for Daddy to come out.}

{She absolutely loved playing with her cousin Emma. Every time she would come around, Kylie would start kicking her legs and flailing her arms and try as hard as she could to get to her. Here she is loving some kisses from her cousin.}

{Just watching the cousins run around.}

{Happy Girl.}

{Trying to get Mommy.}

{Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa, for making this possible. We love you.}

{Mike, Grandma and Grandpa Kirby at our wedding in 2006. We love you Grandma.}

As part of the trip, we also got to visit with my Mom, Terry, Erin (aunt), Paeton and Braden (cousins), Jerry and Kim (uncle and aunt), Dillon, Cameron and Matthew (cousins). We all gathered for dinner at Jerry's new house on Monday night. Nothing like fried chicken to bring a family together. It was fun to see Kylie interact with everyone even though she had just met most of them. She definitely isn't a shy baby.

{Mike, Jerry and Mom "cuttin' spuds" and making dinner.}

{Kylie loved her Auntie Erin!}

{Mike, Kylie and Mom hanging out on the couch.}

{Momma and Baby, waiting for the plane in Idaho Falls.}