June – According to Instagram

June 30, 2012

instagram-collage-june12-7251. winning prizes at the utah lake festival 2. free popcorn 3. finding seashells 4. Utah Lake Festival – Loving the Sun 5. Somebody wasn’t too impressed with my lesson on Sunday, I told her nursery was more fun 6. baking a pretend cake blindfolded, of course 7. Doc McStuffins Clinic has take over the bathroom 8. Mommy, look at the chair I made for baby hippo 9. Look, Mom, bread!!! 10. Lunch time 11. Pretty girl, out running errands 12. Love waking up to little surprises in my bed in the morning 13. Tea Parties with Daddy 14. sick day cuddles :( 15. midnight milkshake because he loves me 16. It was a dress like a princess kind of day 17. princess tea cakes on the patio 18. what? doesn’t everyone dress up when they go to the post office? 19. being a princess is tough work 20. Love my sleeping babies 21. shhhhhh we’re sleeping!! 22. she thinks she’s a big girl and she knows how much I hate it 23. somebody found the ipod today… 24. self portrait, by a three year old 25. Emily, did you take a chocolate cookie? “noooooo…” 26. just practicing for brother 27. taking her big sister job very seriously 28. love her 29. family date night 30. woke up to little miss building a fairy house at the foot of my bed 31. birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory 32. ready for her two year pictures, curlers and all :)


The Best Part of My Day

June 26, 2012

The girls and I were doing bedtime (Daddy was at the church for a meeting). I went into the other room to put something away and I hear whispers and giggles coming from Kylie’s room. I walk back in and see both of them cuddled up in Kylie’s bed with their little eyes shut tight. “Shhhh, we’re sleeping!!” and then Emily, “shhhh, seeping!!” followed by a bunch of sweet little giggles.

Oh, I love them.


We Went to the Zoo

June 22, 2012

Good old, tiny Hogle Zoo :) We'd never been and we thought the girls would love it so last weekend we packed up and enjoyed a gorgeous day outside. It was so nice out that day and it helped that we got there so early in the day before the heat really came on. It just happened to be one of the elephant’s birthday that day too so we got to watch her open some presents and crush some giant birthday popsicles. The girls thought it was all pretty neat.

We made little headbands (to celebrate the elephant’s bday) and were sure to take plenty of cookie breaks in the shade throughout the day.
So here’s the thing about me and taking pictures at Zoos, I’m sure you’re expecting to see some animals, right? Well I hardly ever take pictures of the animals because I figure if you want to see a picture of a giraffe you can just google it, but if you want to see pics of the cute little ladies well then I’ve got you covered. So before you get too excited, there probably wont be any more animals after that little elephant in the second picture… but there are plenty of cute little girls admiring the said animals :)
Daddy and the girls admiring the tigers. As soon as we walked into the zoo Ky started going off about how she couldn’t wait to see the tigers. And then she saw them… and that was it. I guess they weren’t as exciting as she was hoping since they just slept in the shade the whole time. (Oh, hey, if you look close you can see a little bit of a tiger lump in the picture. I guess I did get more than one picture of an animal).
The little munchkins jumped up to join me while I rested my tired little feet in the shade. zoo-06
We took plenty of water breaks too. Oh and Kylie was our navigator and keeper of the map. She’s been so interested in direction lately and is always telling us things like “we need to go north and then south and then right and then we’ll be at Sam’s Club” while she looks at her imaginary map.
zoo-05 zoo-03 zoo-04
Watching the seal and the polar bear (in different tanks of course…). I actually wish I did get a picture of these guys but there were so many kids around that you could hardly see the glass they were swimming behind.
zoo-07 zoo-14
We went out and grabbed a yummy late lunch and then headed back home and slept for a few hours. Who knew the zoo would take so much out of us? There is so much to do around here, we’ve been having fun finding new fun things to do every weekend.


24 weeks

June 14, 2012

We got to see baby brother again yesterday :) It’s good to have a good relationship with your OB so you get to see your little guy pretty much whenever you want. He’s getting big and cramped. It’s amazing to me (even with this third pregnancy) that there’s a little person in that big soccer-ball-belly that I’ve been growing. And he loves to kick his mommy, oh boy, does he ever…
24-WEEKS-COLOR-webThe girls think my big belly is funny. I think Emily gets annoyed by it sometimes when she is trying to cuddle, she even politely asked me to move it once so she could get a little more comfy. Kylie pokes baby brother and hides stickers on the underside of my tummy where I can’t see them. They are both getting excited about seeing and holding their baby brother. I asked Ky what she thinks BB is going to look like and she told me he’s going to have red hair and blue eyes. I said, “Like Emily?” “No! (laughs) Baby Brother is a BOY! (and then more laughing, rolling her eyes, and shaking her head)” 

It’s crazy to think that when Kylie was Emily’s age now, Emily had already been with us for almost a month. I still feel like Em is too little to be a big sister; she’s the baby. But I remember thinking that when Ky was the “baby” too. It’s crazy how much they seem to grow up as baby day gets closer. We’ve already noticed Em turning into a mini big girl, and Ky, well she’s 3 going on 13 and our little mommy anyway.  

So there you go: 24 weeks along, living life, fat and happy… some of us a little fatter than others…


Tiny Picasso

June 12, 2012

Emily’s favorite thing to do is color. She would (and sometimes does) color all day long if we had nothing else to do. She practices reciting her colors in her sweet tiny voice and when she isn’t sure about one of the crayons she asks, “what’s this thingy?” “oh, orange, yeaaaaaahhhh.” She loves to draw circles and apples and she is very deliberate about every line she puts on her paper. We love watching her chubby little face and pursed little lips concentrate while she creates her masterpieces. IMG_5177web emmie-color-1 IMG_5181web emmie-color-4 IMG_5182web emmie-color-5 IMG_5178web emmie-color-3 IMG_5246bwdouble emmie-color-2

Also, I stinking love her little teddy bear pigtails. And, child, you look fabulous in seafoam green.


Sunday Walks

June 10, 2012

Daddy takes the girls on an evening walk just about every night while I rest my tired little feet at home. It is their favorite part of the day. Mine is when they get home and I get to see them running toward me with their tiny little hands full of flowers that they picked for me on their way.

I really do cherish these little flower filled mason jars that brighten up our home
and remind me of how lucky I am to have such sweet little girls.



June 8, 2012

I knew it would happen someday, and I knew I was way too lucky to have an almost 4 year old still taking two hour naps, but still, it's a little bitter-sweet that Kylie is done with N-A-P time. Every day we go up for quiet time and every day, 10 minutes later, she whispers down from the top of the stairs, "Mommy? I'm not tired anymore." Emily still sleeps like, well, a baby in the afternoons and that leaves some extra time for just me and my big girl. Even though I really miss my quiet-mommy-time-eat my chocolate in peace-afternoons, it’s been really fun having just Mommy & Kylie time again; just like the old days. Yesterday we made pizza dough together and got dinner ready (but she told me she only wanted to help if she could get dirty) and today we cuddled and watched Tinkerbell and then she let me take some pictures of her.

She is such a sweet and spunky little girl and I’m learning to accept that she’s not my “baby” anymore. It’s really hard for me to admit that. Just about every day I ask her to reassure me that she’ll always be my baby girl. She tells me yes, but I don’t think she knows just how fast she is growing up. It’s so wonderful to watch but it makes my heart ache just a little knowing that in just a couple months she’ll be old enough to leave me for a few hours every day and spend it making new friends and learning new things and having new experiences without her mommy. Oh, boy, I’m going to be a mess when I drop her off for her first day of Preschool. She was accepted to the BYU Preschool which we are so excited about. It is such a great program and (even though I want to cry just thinking about it) I can’t wait to hear all of her stories about school at the end of each day. She’s my big girl and now that her naps are gone and preschool is coming, I think I have to finally come to grips with the fact that my little Ky is growing up… sigh…
playing peek-a-boo with baby brother.

Don’t you wish there was a real Neverland where children never grew up? I do :)


It's Summer

June 1, 2012

It's Summer! And we are soaking up the sun. 
We eat watermelon and corn on the cob just about every day. 
We constantly smell like sunscreen and our hands are sticky from otter pops.  
We sleep with the windows open most nights and wear sundresses during the day. 
We swim every chance we get and we play in the sprinklers when we're not in the pool.
Summer is perfect, isn't it?
[Also, I could just eat up Emmie's chunky little rolly thighs. Oh, I love my little summer-lovin' buddies]