June – According to Instagram

June 30, 2012

instagram-collage-june12-7251. winning prizes at the utah lake festival 2. free popcorn 3. finding seashells 4. Utah Lake Festival – Loving the Sun 5. Somebody wasn’t too impressed with my lesson on Sunday, I told her nursery was more fun 6. baking a pretend cake blindfolded, of course 7. Doc McStuffins Clinic has take over the bathroom 8. Mommy, look at the chair I made for baby hippo 9. Look, Mom, bread!!! 10. Lunch time 11. Pretty girl, out running errands 12. Love waking up to little surprises in my bed in the morning 13. Tea Parties with Daddy 14. sick day cuddles :( 15. midnight milkshake because he loves me 16. It was a dress like a princess kind of day 17. princess tea cakes on the patio 18. what? doesn’t everyone dress up when they go to the post office? 19. being a princess is tough work 20. Love my sleeping babies 21. shhhhhh we’re sleeping!! 22. she thinks she’s a big girl and she knows how much I hate it 23. somebody found the ipod today… 24. self portrait, by a three year old 25. Emily, did you take a chocolate cookie? “noooooo…” 26. just practicing for brother 27. taking her big sister job very seriously 28. love her 29. family date night 30. woke up to little miss building a fairy house at the foot of my bed 31. birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory 32. ready for her two year pictures, curlers and all :)

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