We Went to the Zoo

June 22, 2012

Good old, tiny Hogle Zoo :) We'd never been and we thought the girls would love it so last weekend we packed up and enjoyed a gorgeous day outside. It was so nice out that day and it helped that we got there so early in the day before the heat really came on. It just happened to be one of the elephant’s birthday that day too so we got to watch her open some presents and crush some giant birthday popsicles. The girls thought it was all pretty neat.

We made little headbands (to celebrate the elephant’s bday) and were sure to take plenty of cookie breaks in the shade throughout the day.
So here’s the thing about me and taking pictures at Zoos, I’m sure you’re expecting to see some animals, right? Well I hardly ever take pictures of the animals because I figure if you want to see a picture of a giraffe you can just google it, but if you want to see pics of the cute little ladies well then I’ve got you covered. So before you get too excited, there probably wont be any more animals after that little elephant in the second picture… but there are plenty of cute little girls admiring the said animals :)
Daddy and the girls admiring the tigers. As soon as we walked into the zoo Ky started going off about how she couldn’t wait to see the tigers. And then she saw them… and that was it. I guess they weren’t as exciting as she was hoping since they just slept in the shade the whole time. (Oh, hey, if you look close you can see a little bit of a tiger lump in the picture. I guess I did get more than one picture of an animal).
The little munchkins jumped up to join me while I rested my tired little feet in the shade. zoo-06
We took plenty of water breaks too. Oh and Kylie was our navigator and keeper of the map. She’s been so interested in direction lately and is always telling us things like “we need to go north and then south and then right and then we’ll be at Sam’s Club” while she looks at her imaginary map.
zoo-05 zoo-03 zoo-04
Watching the seal and the polar bear (in different tanks of course…). I actually wish I did get a picture of these guys but there were so many kids around that you could hardly see the glass they were swimming behind.
zoo-07 zoo-14
We went out and grabbed a yummy late lunch and then headed back home and slept for a few hours. Who knew the zoo would take so much out of us? There is so much to do around here, we’ve been having fun finding new fun things to do every weekend.

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