Tiny Picasso

June 12, 2012

Emily’s favorite thing to do is color. She would (and sometimes does) color all day long if we had nothing else to do. She practices reciting her colors in her sweet tiny voice and when she isn’t sure about one of the crayons she asks, “what’s this thingy?” “oh, orange, yeaaaaaahhhh.” She loves to draw circles and apples and she is very deliberate about every line she puts on her paper. We love watching her chubby little face and pursed little lips concentrate while she creates her masterpieces. IMG_5177web emmie-color-1 IMG_5181web emmie-color-4 IMG_5182web emmie-color-5 IMG_5178web emmie-color-3 IMG_5246bwdouble emmie-color-2

Also, I stinking love her little teddy bear pigtails. And, child, you look fabulous in seafoam green.

Sherri Reinfurt  – (June 12, 2012 at 1:52 PM)  

Oh my, that last picture you can just hear her saying.......pllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee can I use the car tonight! :). Just love this little peanut!

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