Such a Happy Baby!

November 11, 2008

Mike and I are always talking about how truly blessed we are to have such a good, happy baby. She just loves to smile and learn and play. As long as we keep her tummy full and the gas bubbles out, Kylie is as happy as they come. Her latest favoritest thing to do is sit on Mommy or Daddy's lap. She has learned that, with help, she can sit up straight and see a whole lot more so this is her new favorite place to be. She also loves meeting new people. As long as you've got a silly grin on your face, Kylie will love you! She is such a good girl! We are so lucky to have her!

This morning, while she was getting dressed, she wanted to play so we practiced rolling over on our bed. She loved it when I applauded her and cheered when she rolled over so well, she wanted to keep going. She's so silly.

Then we played some more fun games on our bed and finally got her laughing captured on camera. Sorry that the camera is zoomed out so far but at least you can hear the most wonderful sound in the world! The first video, she was getting so excited while I was pulling her across the bed. I wish I could have gotten her face...

This next video is us bouncing on the bed. Daddy started playing this with her a little while ago and she just loves it. It's so funny. Again, I wish I could have recorded her face but anytime she sees the camera she gets distracted and just stares at it. Still, I just love her little laugh!

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