Double Digits!

June 24, 2009

Kylie and I just have too much fun playing together all day long. And, by the way, who said our little girl could grow up so fast? She is 10 months old! We can't believe it! She loves trying to get into everything now. Her favorite thing: Mommy's purse. And once she find the purse, she pulls out mommy's wallet and everything in it. She loves playing with my credit cards and organizing them in her hands. It's adorable. She also loves pulling up on Mommy and Daddy and then letting go and trying to stand by herself. She's even had a few successful, multi-second stands. And she still loves walking around while holding onto our fingers.

This one was from our New Hampshire trip, I just thought it was cute. This is what happens when Kylie's arm meets spoon before spoon reaches mouth while Auntie is dancing behind Mommy... Carrots anyone?

Our little girl is getting so big! Doesn't she look so old?

She was serenading me with her favorite new song, "Aaaaaaa, Daa Daa Laaaaa Aaaa." This little girl LOVES to sing and dance!

Dresses: so cute, but so impractical when you just want to crawl around. Kylie kept tripping over her cute little dress when she was on her way to dig through Mama's purse.

Janelle  – (June 25, 2009 at 6:44 AM)  

Julie is at a similar phase right now. She loves singing and has recently started dancing, but we really need to work on her rhythm. She also loves going through my purse (which of course I hate), so I pulled an old (smaller) purse of mine off a top closet shelf for her to play with. It now goes in her toy basket. I just have to remember to also keep my purse out of reach, because whatever isn't hers is always more fun.

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