Smart Cookies

February 16, 2013

We got to do the real valentine exchange this year (and by we I mean Kylie, but it was an excuse for me to make something cute for her, so I'll refer to her as "we"...) We took some pictures (this time it really was we), baked some cookies and put together these super cute little valentines. I think they turned out even cuter than what I had envisioned in my head. 
kylie valentines-3
She signed her name on every one {taking a break to play after every 5 or so and complaining that "this is way too many!"} and helped stuff the cookies into the bags. 
kylie valentines-2
I even made a couple little valentines for Em so that she wouldn't feel left out when we were signing and stuffing (they were exactly the same as Ky's but with her own photos). I wish I had taken pictures of Em's and the way she very carefully signed her name on the back of each one. {Her signature was really made up of a bunch of tiny circles, but as she drew each one she called out the letters, E-M-I-L-Y} Adorable. 
The girls both woke up the next morning excited to eat the cookies in their valentines. I guess I should have explained that they were supposed to give them out to their friends... {we may or may not have had at least one cookie meltdown on the kitchen floor as I tried to explain that a little too late :) } Emily ended up eating all of hers anyway since we didn't actually have anyone to deliver them to and Kylie spent much of the afternoon on a sugar high from all of her sugary treats that she got at preschool. 

My little Hudsey didn't get to make any Valentines this year, but don't worry, I ate some extra cookies for him :) I'm just selfless like that; always thinking about others... 

The husband and little monkeys spoiled me with chocolates and flowers and I spoiled them with a clean house... no seriously... It really was a fun Valentines day though. We don't so much buy into the consumerism side of the holiday, but we do love showing our love for each other and our kids and it's fun to have a day that revolves around those sentiments. {And any holiday that celebrates with the color pink is going to be a favorite in this house, let's just face it :) }
Kylie doing the "tootie tot" song and dance {her favorite song from preschool}

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