He Wears Bibs

January 12, 2013

He wears bibs now because he drools, and drools, and drools, and drools. All of our babies get teeth super early so it wasn't too much of a surprise when the drooling flood gates were opened. He is the happiest little teething baby though. Well, he's just a happy baby, period. 
I cannot believe how old my little baby is looking these days. He loves to talk and exerts so much stinking cute energy trying to get out those first few coos, kicking and flapping his chubby arms, but once he does, he goes on and on. He's super ticklish too (he gets that from his daddy). He even giggles when I am getting him dressed or undressed and pull his shirt over his head. His little eyes squint, he tucks his chin to his neck, and he grunts a cute little nasally laugh.  

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