Saturday Mornings

January 19, 2013

Saturday mornings are for building blanket forts, dressing up in princess dresses, and making baby brother can be the baby prince. 
Only, in our house they are not forts, they are castles and the princess dresses go over their jammies because it's too cold otherwise. 

This winter has been especially cold. Last year I kept talking about how much I wish it would have snowed, well this year mother nature has more than made up for it. It's not all that bad except for when we have to go outside, which is every day. Don't get me wrong, I think the snow is gorgeous and fun to play in (sometimes) but I really hate it when my feet are cold. I'd much rather just be a hermit until spring gets here and stay curled up, under my covers, in my warm jammies, snuggling with my babies. But that's just me.

I went and took some pictures tonight and my hand almost fell off. I am not exaggerating. My trigger finger was literally frozen in place and we had to sneak into some nearby shops just so I could regain feeling. It was nuts. Remind me again, why do I want to live in Utah?

Also, is it Spring yet?

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