Mac & Cheese

January 27, 2013

I made mac & cheese for dinner tonight (not the blue box kind) while Mike was at a meeting. It was delicious and less than half of it ended up on the floor, so that's a plus. But you know, my favorite part of the whole meal was taking a step back while I was cooking to watch my babies. Each of them completely engulfed in a different activity. Kylie was drawing the entire cast of the Tinkerbell movies. She made me look up pictures of each of the fairies online so that she was sure to color their eyes the correct color. Emily was in the living room quietly making a giant tower of blocks, it eventually grew taller than her. And Hudson, he was just enjoying his new seat and his new view from 3 feet off the ground. 
These simple moments, 
when you wish you could freeze time, 
when you don't think life could get much better, 
when nothing else in the world seems to matter, 
those are the moments that make my heart happy. 

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