Our Day in Pictures

January 15, 2013

We did it, we finally stepped into the 21st century and got iPhones. Wah-freaking-hoo! Why didn't anyone tell me what we were missing out on this whole time? We are especially loving the cameras (go figure) and being able to send each other photos and videos that we don't have to squint to see. I think it's especially nice for Mike since he's away from his little monkeys all day and now he gets to at least see them and little more often. 

So, this is what we did today...
Daddy took Kylie to preschool while the Littles (little sister, little brother) and I stayed home and snuggled in our jammies. Hudson had some tummy time, and was joined by Emily, but really she was just watching tv. We had some lunch, took some naps (well, the Littles at least), met daddy at the mall, and had in-n-out for dinner. We got our jammies on while we played in mommy and daddy's room and I avoided folding the laundry that covers our bed (I'm still avoiding it...) We read stories, said prayers and tucked everyone snug in their beds. (And one little girl got tucked in 6 or 7 times...)
It was another great day. 

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