Little Things

January 4, 2013

As I was walking down the stairs after nap time with Emily in my arms she gently stroked my cheek, stopped her hand right under my chin and said, "Mommy, I have some fruit snacks be-tause I take a good nap?" I can never say no when she does that (and I think she knows it too). Fruit snacks are pretty much her favorite food group (and we don't have them too often so they are a real treat too). She eats them one at a time, taking teeny little bites of each one. Before she puts each one in her mouth, she reads off what fruit it is and it's color, just so that I know just how wonderful her little pouch of gummies is. As she's eating them, she keeps checking the bag to see how many she has left and when there's only one she yells out, "only one left!" 
Kylie loves puzzles. Even if she's already done them a hundred times, which I'm pretty sure she has a couple that she's really done that often, she is always so good to finish them. We opened up her new Doc McStuffins puzzle tonight and she worked on it while I got dinner ready. Emily insisted that she needed to help Kylie but after only about 30 seconds she was done and Ky finished it all herself. I don't think she even noticed that Emily was ever there. I love watching her little mind working, she's so cute when she's problem solving and so intense until it is finished. The best part is when she finishes the puzzle and takes a step back to admire what she's done. She gets so excited, usually jumps up and down, and always wants to show everyone in the house how great she did.
Hudson sat in his little bouncy seat while I made some dough for our dinner tonight. He was looking cute as all get out. I just can't get enough of this cute little guy's smile and those dark blue eyes... I brought him up on the counter with us while the girls and I made mini pizzas (It was dinner and a movie night). Hudson was kicking the fastest little kicks and grunting and loving being part of the fun instead of just waiting in his chair for something exciting to happen on the ground. He's got so much personality and it's so fun watching him learn and see all of these new things. Plus, he's fun to look at too :)

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