The Games They Play

January 10, 2013

I made the mistake of laughing once when Emily bopped Kylie on the head (and then another mistake this afternoon when I took pictures of them bopping each other). Now they think it's a fun game and it always ends in one of them tattle-taling on the other and usually one of them (fake) crying, but for the first few minutes they have the time of their lives. 
When Daddy got home from school they started playing this "game" again, and naturally Daddy tried to break up the "fighting" but they were quick to tell him, "No, Dad, it's a new game that we play!" Oy vey, mom of the year award goes right here! 
P.S. Kylie starts gymnastics tomorrow and she is SO excited. She picked it all by herself and has been practicing all her fancy moves for weeks. I'm excited for her :)

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