Tiny Gymnast

January 11, 2013

Kylie calls it Gyn-mass-kits. 
She started a new gymnastics program today and it was soooo fun! 
It's in a real, legit gym, with awesome teachers, and she had a blast. 

She has a tendency to clam up a little when we walk into an unfamiliar place with people she doesn't know but I could barely hold her back when we came around the corner and she saw the mats. She ran straight for the class and started stretching like she'd done it a hundred times before. She was so excited. And I'm sure part of her excitement was because she got to pick it all by herself. 
She was such a good little listener (a stark contrast from her dance class last year). She's definitely more of an active listener, if there's such a thing... Like if someone says go run as fast as you can and jump into that big pit of foam, she's much more likely to listen then if someone tells her to stand still and put her arms and feet in this perfect position. Yeah, she's not really one to stand still for very long. 

Oh, it was so fun watching her. 

Between each station she literally skipped with joy and I didn't see the smile leave her face even once. 
After she completed each little trick - like walking or jumping across the balance beams - she would shout out, "I DID IT!!" and jump up and down. A couple times I even saw her whisper to herself, "Yessssss!"
She said her favorite part was running up onto the thingy [foam wedge] and jumping onto the big red thingy [mat] - think little kid vaulting. She would run as fast as her little legs would go, pause when she got to the top, and then jump as hard, as far, and as high and she could. She would usually end with an accidental somersault too. In a very close second were the foam pit and the balance beams. 
When she was all finished she got smiley faces stamps (on her hands and feet) and she skipped over to me (and Emily & Hudson) to tell us all about how great it was, as if we hadn't been watching the entire time. 

Emily was really excited for Kylie too. She watched Kylie (well when she wasn't taking care of her "brand new baby" doll) and kept telling me she was the one with the black shirt, just in case I forgot. She tells me that Kylie goes to gymnastics and when she gets bigger and bigger (with her hands high over her head) she gets to go after her birthday, when she's three.

And Hudson, he sat on my lap and drooled all over me. You know, the usual.

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