The Dress

January 14, 2013

For a few months we have been bribing enticing little Emily with a Rupunzel princess dress. If she started wearing her big girl panties one hundred percent of the time she would get this coveted dress that has been waiting for her at the top of our closet. Well... I totally caved and gave it to her early... I'm horrible, but she's just so cute and I wanted to see her in it! (and she's really so close anyway)

She has lived in it since I put it one her last night before bed. She slept in it, went to run errands and work out with me in it, she ate, napped and played in it, and the whole time, demanded we all call her Princess Tangled. The only reason I was able to get it off of her tonight was because she needed to shower and it needed to be washed. Before she would let me take it off her though, she made me promise her that she could wear it again tomorrow. 

Oh, that sweet, bossy little Princess Emily...

In other news, Hudson is starting to like daddy (but not as much as he likes me). Mike jokes that for the first few months our babies just don't like him, there's really not that much Daddy can do for them. Haha, it's kind of true. But once they start smiling and playing, they start to figure out how fun Daddy can be. 

He and Daddy played for a while during dinner tonight when he refused to sit in his bouncer on the floor. I don't blame him though, I wouldn't want to be down there when there is so much more going on up at the table. 
He usually sits on our laps at the dinner table and Mike and I take turns eating one handed (which is difficult with tacos, by the way). We are thinking it's about time we pull out the high chair. Not so he can start eating solids (that's still months away) but so that he can feel like he's part of the action (and we can have our laps back). 

It's crazy to think that just weeks ago he was sleeping most of the day, and now he's up and playing with the rest of us, almost trying to keep up with his crazy sisters. This is such a fun stage. I just love it. And him. Every squishy little bit of him. 

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