Me and My Girls

October 29, 2010

One night, earlier in the month, we decided it was Mommy's turn to be in front of the camera with her girls. (Well, the original plan was to get some head shots for my website but Emily woke up right as we pulled up to the field and insisted that I hold her the whole time. I wasn't complaining :) We got some really sweet pictures of me and my girls. Ky only wanted to be in a couple and only after we bribed her with endless amounts of candy and ice cream and cookies (we never did follow through on those bribes... woops). She wanted to be Daddy's helper and take the pictures. I think they did a good job. I will treasure these always!


 "But Daddy, I don't want to get in the picture..." 
"Ky, if you get in the picture with Mommy you can have m&ms....."
 Bribery works every time :)


Just A Lttle Off The Back...

October 28, 2010

I gave Kylie a little trim last week (but it wasn't the official "first haircut," Titi is going to give her that one when we see her for Christmas). I was getting tired of not being able to see her pretty little eyes behind those shaggy bangs so I decided to just give them a little snip snip. It was alot harder than I thought it would be, and I'll admit, I did a really bad job. I even called my sister (the hairdresser) halfway through and asked her to help me fix my mistakes... Good thing we have plenty of clips to pin those bangs back until they grow back out... I'm only partly kidding, they didn't turn out that bad, but next time, I'll leave it to the professionals. 


Pumpkin Patch

October 26, 2010

 We were determined to visit a pumpkin patch before Mimi left and found this cute little one just a couple miles from our house. It was perfect and just the right size for our little girls. And we were one of the only families there so it made it even more fun. It was the perfect Fall day and a perfect way to end our visit with Mimi!

She loved the little wagons they had their for the kids to pull their own pumpkins. As you'll notice later, she insisted on pulling this one with her the whole time we were there.

 Mimi and the girls

Ky picked out her very own baby pumpkins and needed two wagons to pull each of them.

The maze was my favorite. I kinda get freaked out by those huge corn mazes, so a tall grass maze was perfect, all the fun without actually getting lost.

 The girls.

The Kirbys.

One last "pat pat" before it was time to head home.

Blowing dandilions. I think this was the first time she successfully blew a wish without getting the little whispies in her mouth. So sweet.


Nothing Says Fall Like Pettin' Goats...

October 23, 2010

 While Mimi was here we made plans to visit a local pumpkin patch. We heard this one had a big corn maze and a pumpkin patch, hayrides and a petting zoo. Well, it wasn't quite what we expected... the short of it, we only stayed to pet the three goats in the petting zoo and only because we told Kylie we were going to go see the animals and she was really looking forward to it. Surprisingly, it ended up being a lot of fun. (I'm not a "goat person" so I elected to stay outside the fence with Emily and be in charge of taking pictures.)
Kylie loved the goats. She tried feeding them sticks for a while because when they first walked in she saw a goat chewing on a stick, so of course she assumed that's what they ate. Then daddy had the brilliant idea to feed them some green grass, go figure. They liked that a whole lot better and we had all three of the goats following Ky, Mimi and Daddy the whole rest of the time. We completely expected Kylie to be standoffish toward them based on how much she has disliked the other petting zoos we've been to, but she took to the animals right away, even giving them hugs and trying to pick up the "baby goa'."

 Em was my little buddy on the clean and less smelly side of the fence. 
(I think she gets a little freaked out by my camera because this is usually the face she gives me when I turn and point it at her...)
This is when Ky was following around the Baby Goa'. Such concentration. "I'm gonna get cha."
 Just saying hi...
 And Mike got a picture of the three ladies before we left.


Taking T-itures

October 20, 2010

I've mentioned before that Kylie loves taking pictures. She likes to find some part of my camera equipment (usually my tripod attachment or, in this case, my battery cover) and pretend it is her own camera. She will set up her subject, step back and say, "cheese!" and then make a clicking noise. On this particular night I had a scheduled engagement session. Since mom was in town I didn't want to just leave them behind, so while I was at the U of A with my couple, Mike, my Mom and the girls were walking around campus too. They told me later that Ky had been taking pictures of squirrels and dogs and even asking passers-by to stop for a quick photo. (Where does she learn this?!?) I was so proud! When I met back up with them Kylie was still taking plenty of pictures. She even got up on a stump to get a better angle of the moon. I love her!



October 18, 2010

Growing up, my mom would always dress my little sister and I in matching outfits. So, in honor of my mom, who was visiting, the girls got ready for bed and donned their cutest, most matchiest pajamas. (These ones are also my favorites because they are the softest , most cuddliest.)


Dinner Guest...?

So Wednesday night Mike says to me, "Oh, by the way, we are going to have a special guest over for dinner tomorrow..." I say, "Who?" He says, "I can't tell you... It's a surprise..." "What?!? Why can't you tell me? Do I know this person?" "Yes... I can't tell you who it is though..." And then I went on prodding him with questions, trying to figure out who on earth would be surprising us for a dinner date. He wouldn't answer any of my questions, but being the detective I am and based on his facial expressions, I had it narrowed down to one of his college roommates that was out here maybe looking for a job with Walmart..? 

The next morning I get a call from Mike, "Hey, our guest is actually going to be coming over a little earlier..." "Like, when?" "Around lunchtime..." "Lunchtime 11:00 or Lunchtime 12:30?" "More like 11." (Mind you, it's 10:00 and I hadn't showered yet and the girls are still in their pjs.) "Um, can you stall for a little bit so I can hop in the shower?" "No, you don't need to shower." "Uh, yes I do! If we are going to have a guest in our home I would like to shower." "Believe me, don't shower..." (What? So now I started thinking that our special guest was actually Stacy and Clinton from "What Not to Wear" and they were coming to give me a makeover and Mike wanted me to look as gross as possible.) "Ok... just call me when you are getting close okay?" *hang up

Ten minutes later I hear a quick little knock on my door. Seconds later another knock and another quickly followed. When I finally got to the door, I saw the back of a woman's head through the glass window. She had dark hair that was curled with the ends lightly flipped out, just like my MOM!!!!! As soon as I saw that little hair flip I started crying and as soon as I got the door open Kylie started screaming "Mimi!!! Mimi!!!" I gave her a huge hug and looked just past her to see Mike pulling her suitcase out of the trunk of his car. 

Needless to say, she stayed for more than just dinner! We got to play with Mimi all weekend and it was fabulous! My sneaky little husband is quite the secret keeper. Apparently he had talked to my mom months ago about surprising me and even bought her ticket out here. Brownie Points? Oh yes! 

 The girls started every morning (and afternoon and evening) off with a tea party. "Mimi? Tea Party?"
  Kylie insists on only serving "Wah-doh" at her tea parties.

I have sooooo much more to post about our super fabulous weekend with my Mom!!!



October 14, 2010

I should be in bed right now but instead I am up looking at pictures of my little girls. 
I feel so blessed when I think about these little princesses and I am so glad they're mine. 
life is good.


That's My Girl!

October 12, 2010

On Monday, Kylie and I were playing in the living room while Emie was napping in her swing. Kylie insisted on bringing all of her teddy bears out of her bedroom and into the living room (which is completely normal- by the end of the day we usually have every toy Kylie owns lying on the floor in there). But then, she did this:
She got them all lined up and placed in the perfect pose then had a seat right next to "Daddy Bear" and said, "Mama, t-iture! Cheeeeeeese!" and this was before I even had my camera out. Of course I ran and grabbed it, then she insisted on helping me take the pictures of her bears too. So I pulled out my trusty old rebel and let her have at it. She knew just how to hold it and even where to push the trigger button. 
 It may seem silly, but it made me feel very proud to see my little girl taking pictures just like her mama. She often walks around the house taking "t-itures" and telling Mike or myself exactly where to stand and how to pose.
 We got a lot of pictures of blurry bears and mama's feet, but then Ky took this one of Em. I actually really love it.


Pretty Baby

October 11, 2010

It seems like these months are just flying by with Miss Em. I can't believe she's already almost 3 1/2 months old. I feel like she should still be my itty bitty newborn and she should stay that way forever. But I do love watching her grow and learn. Today, she had an entire conversation with me, complete with squeals of delight and coos of frustration. Every time I would answer back to her she would give me the biggest, coy smile. She loves those little smiles, and so do I :)

On Saturday, while big sister was napping, Emie and I had a little bit of fun on Mama's bed with some really yummy window light. She is just too sweet!

Here she is at 3 months old...



Ready for "Nigh Nigh"

October 4, 2010

Bedtime always seems to get postponed in our house because Mommy and Daddy are the ones who just want a few more minutes to play. It's so silly, but we miss these little princesses when they are sleeping so we try to soak up as much as we can while they are awake.

Tonight we stole a few extra minutes with our girls before the polka-dot and princess jammies went on. I just love our laughs, tickles and cuddles right before bed.

"Soft hugs, Kylie. Soft... Soft!"