She’s a Star!

November 30, 2011

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Ky had her first dance recital on the 28th. She was so excited about getting to dance on the big stage and it’s all she could talk about all day. After her quiet time and then a quick stage rehearsal we got her all dolled up and then headed to the theater and our front row seats. She got to sit with us during the show until a couple numbers before it was her turn. After every performance she would cheer and turn to me and ask “is it my turn yet?”

recital 01 recital 05   
I made sure she we all sorts of hopped up on sugar before her show. Ha! I think it goes without saying, she had plenty of energy and was extra exited. recital 06
recital 07When it was finally her turn I took her backstage to meet the rest of her class and her dance teacher in the dressing room. She looked like such a big girl. I gave her a big kiss and hug and told her she was going to do such a good job and reminded her that if she forgets she can always look at her friends for help. I waited with the other moms until all of our little girls were led to the getting-ready side of the stage and we couldn’t see them anymore. I felt like she grew up right in from of me as she was walking away, doing her own thing without mommy’s help. She was such a big girl.  
 recital 08recital 04  
I ran back to our seats just in time for me to pull out my camera and get comfortable. The theater went dark and the audience was silent. I had watched their rehearsals enough to know exactly when they were coming out onto the stage, even in the dark room. I saw Kylie’s little shadow wander out, before anyone else, and I was so proud (even if she wasn’t technically supposed to be on stage yet :) ). I couldn’t help but cheer for her, “Go Kylie!” I saw her little shadow clap for herself; it made me smile.

The music started and all of the little dancers started doing their thing. Kylie was the bestest, most cutest one up there. I was so proud.  recital 11recital 10
  recital 13recital 12  
As soon as she finished I ran backstage to go get her and give her big hugs. She was so excited! The first thing she wanted to do (after my hugs) was go see Daddy and ask if he liked the show. So she ran as fast as she could to see him…recital 09 Now that the semester is over, all she talks about is going back to dance class. It makes me so happy to watch her doing something that she loves.


Thanksgiving 2011

November 28, 2011

We decided (last minute) that we wanted to drive up to Idaho this year for Thanksgiving. We weren’t planning on it, and instead were just going to do a small feast at home, but now that we are so  close to family, it would have felt silly not to go. We ended up staying the weekend and got to spend time with grandmas and grandpas, cousins, aunts and uncles. the girls are getting better about the four hour drive, but it’s still not too fun for them. Thank goodness for leaving during nap time and waking up to the DVD player in the car- saves us from most meltdowns most of the time. 

Oh, and the food was super yummy!  IMG_1690

 IMG_1696  IMG_1695
IMG_1699 IMG_1700 IMG_1703 IMG_1707 IMG_1719
We ended the weekend by helping get some Christmas decorations out and decorating sugar cookies.


Looking a little like Christmas

November 21, 2011

We threw on our jackets, lots of layers, and went to play at the Riverwoods last week. They had it all decked out for Christmas and it was amazing!  Our little ipod doesn’t do it justice in the least; the lights were magical. I wish there were snow (I never thought I’d really say that), but I’m sure there will be plenty soon enough.

We enjoyed live music & dancing, kettlecorn, and warming our hands by the fire. I love this time of the year!

photo (1)photo (3) photo (2) photo (4) photo (5)photo (6) photo (7)photo (8) photo (9)photo (10) photo (11) photo (12)


Picture Day!

November 9, 2011

Ky had her first official organized picture day at “school” (it is a class, so can’t I call it school?) She got to wear her cute little recital dress and I was one of the (yes, not the only one) paparazzi moms taking pictures in the corner. It was the first time we saw all of the girls all dressed up and it was pretty darn cute. 

Kylie was pretty excited about her princess dress and getting to wear make-up like Mommy. She’s getting really excited for her big show in a couple weeks on the big stage. 
dance pictures 04

dance pictures 01dance pictures 07

dance pictures 05
   dance pictures 06 dance pictures 08
Ky dance 1
dance pictures 02 dance pictures 03  
That’s my girl!


Goldilocks & The Three Bears

November 1, 2011

Goldilocks and the Three Bears webYou didn’t think the girls were the only ones that dressed up this year, did you? We always have so much fun thinking up new fun costumes that we can all wear together. And I know many of our friends and family have come to expect some fun costumes (no pressure, right?)

This year we went as
Goldilocks & The Three Bears.
Halloween 01Emily was the cutest little baby bear I have ever seen. If I could, I would have her wear that little outfit everyday. There’s something about those little ears, that round little tail and the painted nose, I just wanted to squeeze her all night.
 Halloween 05 web Halloween 06 web 
I had to convince Kylie that Goldilocks was really a princess so that she would be on board with the whole idea. She insisted that she wanted to be a princess this year… and she was… Once I started telling her the story of Goldilocks she was super excited about our costumes and when she saw her little yellow dress being sewn she kept telling us about how excited she was to dance in her new princess dress. (So, if Kylie ever asks you to tell her the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, make sure you call her Princess Goldilocks.)  :)
Halloween 02 web Halloween 12 webHalloween 03 web  Halloween 08 webHalloween 07 web  Halloween 04 web Halloween 09 web 
The girls LOVED trick-or-treating this year. Neither of them wanted to stop when the night was through. I don’t even think it was really about the candy, it was just fun going house to house, ringing doorbells (Emily’s favorite), and having people give them something and tell them how cute they were. Heck, I’d love it too. I guess that’s the great thing about trick-or-treating as a parent, you get all of the perks without any of the weird looks because you are a twenty-something trick-or-treating. Plus, you hear over and over again how cute your kids are, and what parent doesn’t love that :)

It was a very happy Halloween!
Now, what are we going to do next year…?