The Fort!

February 28, 2010

Titi, George and Kylie made a fort today and it brought hours of entertainment to our little toddler. This is definitely something we will have to do when we get home. She had so much fun counting, peeking and forming her own secret club. Love it!


We miss you, Dada!!!

February 27, 2010

Kylie and Mommy flew out to New Hampshire this weekend to surprise Grandma for her birthday! It was such a great surprise! She had no idea and we are having tons of fun. But we miss Daddy. So here are some pictures just for you, Googely Bear!

Today we spent the afternoon at Jenn's salon for her birthday and she pampered us and did our hair. We all had so much fun!

Watching a movie with Mimi while Mommy was getting her hair done.
Hair styling ala TiTi

Out to dinner to celebrate Mimi and Titi's birthdays!

We love you Dada and can't wait to see you!!!


"Buh-Buhs" and Bumble-bees

February 23, 2010

As I've mentioned before, "Buh buhs" (bubbles) are some of Kylie's favorite things. And this is why I love them too:

Nope, those bubbles are not floating in the air... These little guys always find Kylie's stray hairs and make themselves into a pretty little accessory.

For Valentines Day this year, Mike's department had a little bake-sale/fundraiser. Their team theme was "Bee Mine." I made a big bee banner for them to hang by their table and we made these little cuties to sell. We think they turned out pretty darn cute.


It's a....

February 11, 2010



Baby Brother or Baby Sister?

February 10, 2010

If there's anything my mom taught me about being a mom its to make sure I take just as many pictures of baby #2 as I did baby #1. (Jenn can attest to this...ha!) And she wanted me to make sure I took belly pictures with this one too. So here we are last week at 18 weeks.

I can't believe how much more quickly I feel like my belly has grown with this baby. But then, I don't really notice it when I'm chasing Miss Kylie around all day. Aside from the random kicking in my lower abdomen, sometimes I even forget that I am pregnant. Is that weird?
Tomorrow we find out if it's a boy or a girl! We're so excited! With Kylie, we both knew it was going to be a girl from day one, but with this one, we're not really sure... What do you think? Baby Brother or Baby Sister?


Snow Angel

February 5, 2010

In the last week or so we have gotten a total of about 7 inches of snow here. CRAZY but so pretty! Unfortunately, Kylie was sick all last week and most of this week and has just now started to feel well enough to go out and play. By now, most of it had melted, but we woke up this morning to see the biggest and most beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky. It was straight out of a movie! I thought, "Perfect! As soon as we finish eating our breakfast we can go out and play and Ky will love the huge flakes (and it would also make for some great pictures too!)" Well by the time we finished eating and I got all of Kylie's four layers put on her- it had completely stopped snowing and was already melting... boo! We still went out to the backyard and Kylie got to experience the snow for the very first time. She loved it... until she face planted...

We still had a great time.

If you look closely you can see the clever solution I had to snow boots. She was wearing thick tights, socks and her high-top sneakers to keep her feet warm and then I wrapped and taped sandwich baggies around her shoes to keep them dry. It worked like a charm. Genius!


Heaven In A Box

Want to know how amazing my family is?!? When Kylie and I arrived home on Tuesday, this was sitting on our front porch. A box from my Dad, just for me!

...And this is what was inside...


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Dad! I have eaten at least one burrito everyday for the last three days and my freezer is still packed with these amazing little wrapped tortillas from heaven! I am a very happy girl! And this baby is very happy too!


Our Little Princess

February 3, 2010

Kylie is going to be turning 18 months old this month! Can you believe it?

She's such a big girl! By the way, right before we took these pictures she pulled out both of her piggy tails...ugh

So here's a little update on some of our pretty little princess' favorite things:

She is talking like crazy and tries to repeat much of what we say. Here are some of her favorite words (and what they really sound like):

Mama        (Ma Ma)
Dada         (Da Da)
Up             (Op)
Apple        (App ie)
Banana      (Blan Blan)
Cracker     (Cra Gah)
Cookie      (Coo Cah)
Grandma   (Gwa Gwa)
Papa         (PawPaw)
Grandpa    (Gwa Da)
Baby         (Baby)
Auntie        (Ti Ti!)
Jesus          (Jee jsus)
Hat             (Hat)
Pretty         (Breety)
Ball            (Ball)
Big Ball      (Ball Ball)
Bubbles      (Buh Buh)
Tissue         (Tzi zoo) -she learned that one when we were battling a little cold-

She also loves her animal noises and these are the ones she's best at:
Fish Kiss
Scary Snake

Kylie also loves watching Wheel of Fortune with her Daddy. Just about every night they cuddle up and watch it together. Daddy asks her "which letter?" and Kylie shouts out either 'A' 'I' 'B' 'T' or sometimes 'O." We thought it was just cute and silly at first but Kylie really is learning more of her letters. Crazy!

Kylie has always loved bubbles but this is a new one that we both fell in love with. Gymboree has the absolute best bubbles and bubble blower! The solution is non-toxic and made of a sugar water mixture. The bubbles are so cute and tiny and the float around forever. And the best part (for me) The blower means I don't have to dig around for a wand and get my hands or carpet soaked. Highly recommended and will definitely entertain for hours! Kylie absolutely loves her "Buh Buh"s