Like Mother Like Daughter

September 30, 2010

Maybe it's because I sucked my thumb as a  little girl, but I think it is the CUTEST thing when Emily sucks her thumb. She even hooks her little finger over the end of her nose just like her mommy did. It's so sweet! Sure, if it becomes a habit it will be hard to break, but for now I will enjoy the sounds of her sucking on that cute little thumb in the middle of the night while she lays in her bassinet next to me.

Look at those big blues eyes

and those yummy chubby cheeks!!!

Emily hates tummy time. She loves to lay on my chest and look around, she loves to sit up and look around, but she hates tummy time on the floor. Kylie was the same way. But every once in a while she will enjoy her time on the floor just long enough for me to get a couple pictures.
I just L-O-V-E this little girl!



September 24, 2010

I have always dreamed of living a life exactly like the one I lead now. I can't imagine anything more perfect. I have an amazing husband who loves me unconditionally, and two of the most beautiful girls the world has ever seen.

I get to spend all day being Mommy. I get to be the shoulder to cry on when Big Sister falls down and the chest to cuddle into when Little Sister gets sleepy. I get all of the smiles and laughs, kisses and hugs, tickles and tackles. I get to dance in the living room with the music blasting, a baby in one arm and a toddler twirling beside me. I get to play chase and hide-and-seek and play-doh. I get to sing my babies to sleep and watch them slip slowly into dreamland. I get to sit outside on a warm Fall evening, just me and my girls, making faces at my baby while the other baby shows me how fast she is growing up.

I get to be a mom and a wife. I never knew life could be this great.

Life is good.


Some Thoughts... or "Never Thoughts" by Daddy

September 19, 2010

Being a dad has been a fun and educational development. Tonight, while spending some time with Kylie, some "never thoughts" came to mind:

I never thought I would enjoy brushing hair.
I never thought I would enjoy feet kicking me in the back as I cling on to the edge of my bed; as long as they are tiny feet.
I never thought I would care what was supposed to be in a casserole dish to a play kitchen.
I never thought hide-and-go-seek could be so much fun.
I never thought the phrase, "cold water" could be uttered so preciously.
I never thought I would enjoy slobbery kisses and Goldfish breath.
I never thought I would be so proud of crayon scribbles on scratch paper.
I never thought I'd fog up the window on the door to the nursery at church staring at my daughter.
I never thought I would enjoy driving a mini-van.
I never thought a two-year-old's prayer could be so perfect.

I can't wait for more of these "never thoughts" to come as Kylie and Emily grow.


"When your smiling...

September 18, 2010

The whole world smiles with you..."   She has the sweetest smile.

And I can't stop kissing those chubby cheeks!!!


Labor Day Weekend

September 14, 2010

Before I get started telling you all about our fabulous long weekend and super fun road trip to Kansas City, I need to get something off my chest... I own a mini-van... That's right, I drive a Honda Odyssey and I'm not ashamed to admit it! And you know what? I actually really like it. Our family of four was just not quite fitting into our Altima anymore and we knew we needed a bigger car. Long story short, after a full day and night of  test-driving the Odyssey I was convinced that mini-vans aren't all bad. It's a cute charcoal gray color with leather interior, DVD player and I love the fact that I can walk from the front seat to the back if I need to (and I have needed to many times already). It's definitely a car that's made for families in our stage of life and the fact that Ky can get in and out of the car by herself has made my life a little easier, especially with two little ones. Okay, I think I'm done trying to justify owning a mv... I never thought I'd say this, but I really do like it.

So, since we just bought this new "big car" (as Kylie calls it) we decided we wanted to break it in a little and what better way than with a road trip.We drove up to Kansas City for the weekend and had a blast. On Friday night we just kind of drove around and did a little window shopping. On Saturday morning we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast (If you are ever in KC make sure you stay at the Embassy Suites in Overland Park. Fantastic service, nice rooms, and the best hotel breakfast ever!) Then we headed out to the KC Zoo. Kylie is still very much obsessed with animals so we knew she would love another zoo. Mike and I couldn't get over how perfect the weather was. Not a hint of humidity, cool breeze, sun shining... It was perfect.

If you look very closely you might be able to see Emily in that stroller... I swear she was there! She just slept through the whole thing... One day she'll enjoy all of these adventures we have.

Kylie loved the hotel. I'm going to guess three of the reasons why: 1. It was something new with lots of new things to explore 2. Elevators and 3.Staying up late and sleeping between Mommy and Daddy. She also liked the echo in the bathroom during bath time...

Before heading home on Sunday, we enjoyed some church history sites. We started at Liberty Jail. There was such a sweet spirit there and I'm glad we were able to spend our Sunday in such a historic and sacred place.

Next, we stopped in Independence, MO. They have a great visitors center there that features tons of information about the early church and the pioneers. After we took our tour, we ended up in a little pioneer town that's made just for kids to play. Kylie loved it and Emily loved watching Ky play. It was a pretty fun little set up, especially after having just learned all about the pioneers.

After Independence we headed home. It was a really great weekend! And it was so nice to finally get away, for at least a couple days.


Two & Two

September 10, 2010

Ky and Em both recently turned TWO! Kylie turned 2 years old on August 19th and Emily turned 2 months old on September 1st. They are both growing like crazy!

At her 2yr Well Check-up, Kylie was:
36 1/2 inches (96th percentile)
30.5 lbs (88th percentile)
Miss Marilou (her pediatrician) said that Kylie is "developmentally advanced." Oh, yeah! I'm going to be bragging about that every chance I get!

And at 2 months, Emily was:
22 inches (50th percentile)
12 lbs 9 oz (90th percentile)
Head circumference (75th percentile)

Emily is growing up so stinking fast! She doesn't seem like my little newborn anymore. She is smiling and cooing and is developing her own little personality. She is so much more alert now and spends a lot more time awake during the day. She is even starting to develop her own little schedule (which makes it a little easier for me to get things done during the day... but just a little...) She loves watching her big sister and mommy is still her best friend :) And even though she is getting bigger, she is still my little cuddle bug and I hope it stays that way!

Kylie loves playing with her Emie. She loves teaching her about each one of her toys and especially reading to her. She says, "Read, Baby, KyKy!" Little sister loves it too. She just recently started smiling at Kylie which is just the sweetest thing to watch. If Emily is lying on her blanket on the floor, Kylie will often lay next to her and "Play, Baby." I LOVE that my girls love each other!

Oh, and by the way, I'm pretty sure I can recite the entire "Finding Nemo" movie. That seems to be all we watch in this house.