Getting Settled

April 29, 2009

Our house is really coming together and starting to feel so much more like a home. And now that we own a lawn mower and weed whacker to go with our house, we feel like real grown-ups. This is all a pretty fun experience. Everyday at least one of us takes a look around our home and exclaims, "This is our house!" It's fun!

We absolutely love our new neighborhood. It is full of young families and such nice people. There are always kids out playing and riding bikes and families taking evening walks with their strollers. And there are even three other families, just a few houses away, that are in our new ward. Our first day, moving in, two of them came and knocked on our door to introduce themselves and they even brought us some freezer jam! How great is this neighborhood? Kylie and I are enjoying the fact that there are other young moms and babies just a few doors down to play with during the day too.

Kylie is loving the new house. There is so much room for her to roam around and explore. And everyday I am amazed to watch what she is able to get into. One of her favorite places to explore lately is underneath the couches. I don't know what she's reaching for but she loves getting her hands under there and reaching as far back as she can. And the blanket that I used to lay on the floor for her to roll around on, now usually becomes an accessory that she wears while exploring or a fun new toy to drag around the room with her.

Since I've slacked on posting lately, I am about to make up for it with an overload of pictures. Here are just a few from the last couple days...

{...notice the arm stretched way under the couch...}

Kylie got some new jammies and Mike wanted to make sure I got plenty of pictures of her wearing them when she woke up. I wonder why...

{She loves scratching at the textured walls. Simple pleasures.}

{Exploring in the living room.}

{Just hangin out.}

{She loves rolling around on Daddy.}


So Blessed!

April 21, 2009

Well, we have officially moved into our house and it is more than we had even imagined! It is absolutely beautiful and so perfect for our family! There is still a long road of unpacking and organizing ahead of us but we are loving the journey so far! As you could imagine, we have been super busy and still have no computer, so sorry for the lack of updates during this exciting time. But here's a picture of little missy playing on moving day.

Kylie turned 8 months old on Sunday! Can you believe it? I still don't! She has recently also learned how to snort like a piggy. We say, "Kylie, what does a piggy say?" and she crinkles her nose and tries to snort by blowing in and our of her nose really fast. She is so funny! She loves jumping (or sometimes just falling) onto Mommy and Daddy. If Mike and I are ever sitting next to each other she will jump back and forth between the two of us over and over again, laughing the whole time. She also loves walking with us. Whenever we grab her hands she pulls herself right up and just starts going. we absolutely love watching her learn all of these new things!


Big Things Are Happening!

April 13, 2009

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! Last monday we finally heard back on the house we put an offer in on about 2 months ago (short sales and definitely not short!) They accepted our offer, we signed our papers with the bank on Wednesday, started packing on Thursday, had the inspection on Friday and we close on the 22nd! It seems to all be happeing so quickly now but we are soooooo excited! We are going to be home owners!!!

Just a couple days after toothy number 3 broke through, number 4 was ready too. Our big girl is developing quite the pretty, little toothy grin. It's adorable.

Our Easter weekend was great! We didn't participate in any Easter Egg Hunts, seeing as Kylie would really be more interested in eating the plastic eggs rather than the candy inside, but we did make a huge Easter feast and enjoy some beautiful weather. I also got out my camera and took some super cheesy pictures of Ky in her First Easter Dress (that I also made).

Here are some pictures from this past week:

{Kylie absolutely loves her bath time! It's hard to believe this is the same baby! (click here) She is such a cute little chubby bubby!

{Ky and I were just hanging out in our new living room while Daddy and the inspector were doing manly things on Friday}

{She loves playing with that wipes case}

{Easter morning pajamas. There's a bunny on her tummy...}
And now some cheesy Easter pictures. She loved those plastic eggs!

{Eventually, everything goes in her mouth...}


...And We're Back!

April 6, 2009

We have a nasty virus on our home computer right now that causes it to crash before it even boots up, and so our blogging world had completely ended for a while! It felt so strange not posting every little thing we've been up to lately. I will admit, I was going through Blogger withdrawls... Luckily, we discovered the Bentonville Public Library! So Ky and I are sitting here checking out some fun new books and finally updating our blog.

Some things that have happened in the last week or so... Kylie just had her 3rd tooth break through. It's her top left tooth and she was a total stud muffin through this one too. I don't know how we got so lucky to have such a happy baby. She also learned how to give some awesome little kissies! They are my favorite! They are super slobbery and wet but I think they are the best thing in the world. I think only a mother would truly appreciate baby droll running down her cheek. Her cuteness continues to amaze us!

Last Friday night, we had a family date night in downtown Bentonville. On the first Friday of the month, a bunch of vendors and musicians head downtown to provide entertainment on the town square. It was a beautiful night and so nice to enjoy what the area has to offer. We brought the camera and had some fun taking pictures too. Kylie got to touch the water in the fountain and play in the grass. It was a good time had by all!