I don't think she likes peas...

January 31, 2011

Emily does pretty well with eating just about everything we put in her mouth... except for peas. Haha. Every time we try to trick her into eating them she literally spits them right back out at us. I doubt that very much of this mushy green goop has even made it down to her tummy. We usually end up giving up the food fight and  just giving her her favorite, applesauce. I don't blame you, Em. I think that stuff is nasty too.

I love how expressive she is. She cracks me up!


Beauty and Her Blocks

January 29, 2011

One of Kylie's favorite things to do is play blocks. I'm pretty sure these blocks are all over my floor more often than they are in their box because every time we clean them up she dumps them right back out again. But she loves them, so what do you do? On this particular day she decided we should make a big princess castle with a tower for the princess. In the tower we put a window, four chairs to sit on and a ball for the princess to play with (all her ideas). I love that she has such an imagination lately, it's so fun to watch. When we finished with the tower, we also needed a flag and of course a spindle for the top. You know, a spindle, like what Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on, naturally. Then she kept pricking her finger and saying "Ouch" and falling to the ground (and she's never even seen the movie). She was pretty proud of her tower and gave it plenty of hugs :)

While Mommy and Kylie were building this impressive tower, little Gracie was doing this:

After we went check on Sissy in her bed, Kylie ran back out to her tower, peaked her head in the window and knocked on the door, saying, "Knock, knock! Can I come in?" Then she even tried backing herself in. She didn't quite fit. I love that funny girl!


Our Witty Little Girl

January 26, 2011

 It has always been a contest between Mike and I to see who can get Emily to say their name first. Last night, while we were all sitting around the dinner table, I was playing with Emily and started trying to teach her, "Mama Mama." Then Daddy joined in and argued, "Dada Dada" we both looked at Kylie and she looked at Emily and said, "Dada Dada." (traitor...) Then it was back to me, "Mama Mama."  Daddy said, "Dada" and Kylie said, "Dada" This went one for about a minute until Kylie stopped, looked at Emily and said, "Ky Ky, Ky Ky" with the biggest, cheesiest, and most persuasive smile. We burst out laughing. What a funny little two year old we have! Never a dull moment. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Ky Ky.


Emily Grace @ Six Months Old

January 20, 2011

Emily turned a half-year old on the 1st! Can you even believe it? She is growing and healthy and becoming more like a baby (as opposed to my little newborn) everyday. It's amazing to watch her and think, "She is such a big girl... and I hate it!"  She loves playing with her sister and especially loves laughing with her. She laughs the hardest with Kylie, especially when Ky growls at her- that's her favorite. She loves to eat (in case that wasn't evident by her round frame :) and she always wants to be either sitting up or standing. She is very patient and incredibly well mannered and she LOVES to cuddle (with Mommy... haha). When she gets really excited she sticks her arms and legs straight out and flaps them as fast as she can. Daddy calls her his little penguin. She is such an sweet little girl and we are so blessed to have her!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of Emily Grace at six months old. (Blogger compression does horrible things to the quality of the images so if you want to see higher quality go here.  And to any of our family that would like any of these images larger and without the logo, just let me know :)

At Emily's six month well-baby visit she was:
  • Age: 6 months and 3 days
  • Weight: 17 lbs 11.5 ounces - 75th percentile
  • Height: 25 1/4 inches - 50th percentile
  • Head circumference - 90th percentile


Snow Day

January 13, 2011

What do you get when you combine a snow day with a newly reorganized pantry with easy access for a curious two year old? Why, Tomato Paste Princess Castles of course! Kylie has quite the imagination and I get quite the kick out of her. She is obsessed with everything princess right now, so naturally a castle was the only thing to build. I even caught her trying to jump into her castle, and when she couldn't, she knocked on the door and politely asked if she could come in.

And what would make our snow day even more fun? How about another adorable little girl with a cute little grin that will give you all sorts of warm fuzzies on your insides. Emily loves playing in her walk-around excersaucer. And it's funny, Kylie loves it again too, but only when Sissy is in it... 
They play so well together.

How did I end up with such photogenic little beauties? Seriously, I could just stare at my girls all day long. 
To be honest, I think most days that's all I do :)

One of Kylie's favorite games is definitely Hide-and-Seek and while we were playing one day I hid in the curtains in her room. Well, of course now the curtains are the coolest place to be and she loves to hide and twirl and make all sorts of static while I repeatedly ask her not to play in Mommy's curtains. (Do as I say, not as I do!) And I'm sure the fact that I was laughing and taking pictures was not really helping my cause...

I mentioned the static, right?


Bubbles + Baby =

January 7, 2011

Apparently Daddy and Kylie think it's pretty funny to stick bubbles to Emily Grace. Really though, Kylie wanted Daddy to blow some bubbles and Emily just happened to love them just as much as her big sister so daddy blew some for her too. Those little Gymboree bubbles are great but they stick to everything...


Hello Twenty-Eleven!

January 4, 2011

Let me just tell you, we Kirbys are par-tay animals. New Years Eve went like this: lounged around the house, ate some food, put the girls to bed about 8pm, cuddled on the couch watching TV while we waited for the ball to drop, fell asleep on said couch at 11pm. Man oh man! What a crazy night! How is it that I can stay up until 3am every other night editing pictures or updating blogs, but on the night that it is expected that we stay up until at least midnight, I completely conk out an hour early? It was still a fun night and a funny memory. I guess that's what happens when you turn old... And considering I fell asleep at 9:30pm last year, I did pretty good this go around :)

We started off the year Twenty-Eleven with some new experiences for Miss Emily. Our big girl turned 6 months old on the first (yes, it really is true) and finally tried some solid foods. At first she didn't quite understand how the whole spoon to mouth thing worked, but she quickly figured it out and is now eating like a champ. She especially loves those little Mum Mum rice rusks (I know, no nutritional value, but she likes chomping on them while we are eating our dinner). When we pop one out for her, her little arms and legs go crazy in her high chair and her little lips purse so tight. It's pretty cute.

A little appetizer before the big meal...
What? Do I have something on my face?
Eh, I've had better...