Easter Egg Hunt (#1)

March 30, 2010

We went to our first Easter Egg hunt this past Saturday. It was put on by the local 4-H club and I guess not that many people knew about it because there was hardly anyone there and Kylie was able to find tons or eggs. She thought it was lots of fun. We loved watching her get excited about every single egg she collected. "Oh!" she would shout as she went running to another egg. When the hunt was over, she took each piece of candy out of the little plastic eggs, lined them up on the picnic table around her, and counted. She loves counting. Too bad she didn't get to try any of that pretty wrapped candy. (Is that weird that our 19 month old has never had a piece of candy...?)

It was a little windy...
C'mon Daddy, "Han Han"

The best part of the whole day was when she unknowingly started to leave a pastel colored trail behind her. 
It was precious.
So excited about her eggs and new bunny!
Squeezing in a group picture. We finally got a point and shoot camera!!!


The Big Girl's Room

March 27, 2010

As told by Mike...
Well, Erica had a great idea to paint Kylie's big girl room a pretty pink, put up a white chair rail, and paint the bottom third of the walls white. It took a couple days but we finally got it done. And Kylie only got paint on her once!

Ky's big girl bed and dresser were delivered this week and Erica found a cute and girly comforter and pillows in New Hampshire when they were out there a couple weeks ago. The room is really coming together. Here are a couple sneak peaks of the room. We'll put up more when Erica is happy with the full decor. Enjoy!

The painted room.
Kylie's big girl bed is now her new favorite place to hang out. Since she figured out how to climb up onto it, we can always find her here just hanging out under the covers, reading books to her babies.

We had some extra chair railing left over so we made a frame for a "pretty" (hair bow) holder. Erica finished it off by adding the ribbon that matches Kylie's bedding perfectly. Now we just need to find the perfect place to hang it.

Tonight is the first night that Ky is going to sleep in her big girl bed. Hopefully she understands that she is supposed to sleep and doesn't just play with her babies all night. Wish us luck, we are a little nervous about how this night is going to go...


Mmmmmm..... Yummy "Pinch Pinch"

Mommy loves it when Daddy takes her out to eat lots and lots of crab! And we love it when Ky joins us on our date nights!

And we all sure do love all of this amazing sunshine we've been enjoying these last few days!


She Makes Me Smile

March 26, 2010


One Year Older...

March 24, 2010

This is why I love this man...
We celebrated Daddy's 27th birthday last week. Mike always says I go a little crazy with birthdays and he never needs anything big or fancy, but if we only ever did what we really needed, life wouldn't be quite as fun, right? So, of course, we had a grand little birthday for my big hunk-a-hunk-a-man. We met him for lunch with a big bouquet of balloons (which Kylie just went crazy over all day), then when he got home from work we had one of his favorites, fried chicken. I am really not a fan of fried chicken and every time he suggests it for dinner it gets an automatic veto from me so I thought it would be a special dinner on his birthday. He loved it (I still think it's really gross).  Then he opened presents and had his favorite birthday cake, cherry chip with pink cherry frosting, for dessert. For the rest of the night we pretty much just played with Daddy's balloons. I think Daddy had a pretty great birthday. He said he was "just happy to have his girls back," awe...

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

"Let's get a picture of you and Ky and your pretty pink cake!" "Now, Say Cheese!"

Love Love Love those "Boons"
"Let's go sneak on Mommy..."
Instead of putting her finger over her lips and saying Shhhh when she sneaks, she sticks it up her nose and says Shhhh. Close enough...
Daddy Kisses! I love watching these two together. He is the most amazing dad!
Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!


Another Favorite

March 16, 2010

Well, we made it back from New England safely, but of course not without event. Missing connections, ending up in random airports... I swear, I am never flying again! Family, it's you turn to come see us.

Anyway, I figure we've been back for a while and I haven't updated the blog at all, so here's a little bit of what our mornings have consisted of as of late. (These pictures were actually taken about a month ago, I just never posted them... oops.) Kylie love, love, loves, her "BlayBloh."
Her little tongue goes crazy when she's concentrating. It's so funny!
Gotta love the bed head!


Children's Museum of Boston

March 8, 2010

Today, our final day out on the East Coast, we spent the morning in Boston at the Children's Museum. We had such a great time! Kylie was so much fun to watch and there were so many rooms and exhibits that were just perfect for her. I love watching our little girl learning and growing right before my eyes. It's amazing! We are going to miss everyone so much when we fly back home tomorrow but we are so excited to see Daddy too!!!

Here are a ton of pictures from our explorations today.

The Bubble Room

Under the turtle tank.

What a fantastic day and the perfect end to our vacation!