4 Year Pictures

August 23, 2012

The day after the monkey turned four we went out and took her pictures. She picked out her hat and I picked out her crown. These are so completely our little girl, personality and all. She is full of life and spunk and she is always keeping us on her toes. Oh, and did I mention that she is a total little diva. She posed herself for most of these pictures :) Love her! Happy being four, Big Girl!
IMG_0287a IMG_0264 IMG_0366 IMG_0310-Recovered IMG_0319 IMG_0351 IMG_0298 IMG_0327 IMG_0291 IMG_0353



August 21, 2012

It happened, my baby turned 4...
Why is it that four seems so much older than three? I don't think I will ever get used to her growing up, but she still tells me that she'll always be my baby so that will have to do for now :)
We had a low key birthday celebration for our little Ky on her actual B-day. We went to church in the morning, where she requested that her hair be in curlies, and all her little friends sang to her while she danced around at the front of the class. (Yes, we may have been spying from the hallway and that might be how I know that...) Then after a little lunch and quiet time she opened a few presents. 
She is mildly obsessed with the show Doc McStuffins. Have you seen it? It's an adorable show on Disney Jr. about a little girl that fixes broken toys. We love it in this house, so she was beyond thrilled to find that most of her presents revolved around that doctor theme. 
Kylie picked meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob for her birthday dinner this year (which just happened to be my birthday dinner that I would always pick growing up, funny huh?) After our yummy dinner we had some peach jello cupcakes that she picked out herself, complete with the swirled whipped cream and strawberry on top. She was very specific about needing the strawberry on top. 
Mimi and Bapo even joined in on the action and spent some time watching in on FaceTime. Mimi cried. You see now where I get all of my sobbiness from :)
I think our little four year old had a pretty special day. She kept talking about how great it was and thanking us for making it so nice. We love you little monkey! Thanks for being ours! (and also, please try not to grow up anymore.)


So, we went to California...

August 17, 2012

Baby brother is coming in 6 more weeks and our lives are about to get pretty crazy... So on a bit of a whim we decided to go to California for a long weekend. We figured it will be alot harder to do with three kids and we wont be going anywhere for a while with a brand new baby. Plus, Mike was starting school again soon, Kylie's birthday was coming up and I had plenty to do before BB arrives so it seemed like our only real chance.

The drive was long, but the girls were great (thank you dvd player) and we loved spending so much time with my Dad. The girls love their Papa T, that's for sure. We spent time eating out at all of my favorite restaurants (that's the nice thing about being the pregnant one- you get to pick the restaurants), we enjoyed the view from my dad's balcony and lots of ice cream, and my dad loved showing his grand babies off to everyone he knows :) 

We made sure to visit the city during our short trip. Being back in San Francisco always makes me feel like I'm home. I love that city. 
I instagram-ed a bunch more pictures from our trip (so I'l put those up at the end of the month). It was so much fun and way too quick. We didn't get a chance to see anyone really but it was so wonderful spending time with my Dad and just getting away for a bit. It's crazy to think that the next time we are back in the bay there will be 5 of us... eek!


Big Girl Beds in the Big Girl Room

August 3, 2012

So this actually happened a little over a week ago, but the girls are officially sharing a room. It was always kind of the plan when BB comes that Emily was going to get the boot from her room and join Kylie in the big girl's room but we did it on a totally random whim one night and it has gone (moderately) well since. We ordered her big girl bed but it will take 4-6 weeks to get here so in the meantime she's on a mattress on the floor and so far it's working...ish.

The first night our normal bedtime routine took about 3 hours... Oy. They were just too excited to sleep. The second night was a little better, only 2 hours, and I think by about night 4 or 5 we were down to our regular routine. (That one felt like a huge victory). It's pretty cute to here them whisper and giggle at night, but then it usually turns into Kylie yelling down to us, 
"Mooooooomm, Emily's keeping me awake!"

So we've had some talks about what it means to ignore Emily so she can just fall asleep through the singing and non-stop chatter. We're still working on trying to keep Em in her bed after we say goodnight- I'm kind of at a loss with that one since the girls sleep with their door open and she wants to come out to the hall to see what's going on (suggestions welcome...) Hopefully we'll figure that one out soon. 
Their little room is going to look so cute when both beds are in there. I've got some fun plans - thanks to some pretty strong nesting urges :) I bought some big custom frames, we are looking for the perfect bedding and pillows, and I've got some huge prints that I'm getting ready to send off to the printer. Oh, I am excited! And now I can get BB's room started too. Eek! I'm excited!