Halloween | Part One

October 31, 2011

My favorite place in Provo is quickly becoming The Riverwoods. It’s an outdoor mall that has so many great things going on year-round for families and especially little kids. It’s super clean and the stores are really nice and it’s hardly ever too crowded. We love spending time there!

Riverwoods Trick or Treating 02 web
They had trick-or-treating on Saturday night so we dressed up our little Goldilocks and Baby Bear and headed over to get some candy. Each of the shops and restaurants passed out candy to the little trick-or-treaters, I’d never done anything like that before - it was fun. This was our third Halloween activity of the week (by the way, first two- super lame, hence the no pictures thing…), so the girls knew all about the potential for candy. Kylie was all over it and Emily was right by her side begging for sweets too. Riverwoods Trick or Treating 03 web
I know what you must be asking yourself now, “I wonder if she made those incredibly adorable costumes for the girls…” Oh yes, yes I did. And I was pretty darn proud of myself too! Oh and by the way, I didn’t use a pattern, Holler!!!
Riverwoods Trick or Treating 01 webWe loved all of the cutesy fall decorations. Honestly, I love Halloween but I really don’t like how dark and scary it can be, especially now that we have little girls. I like to stick to the smiling scarecrows and storybook costumes :) The girls like it better that way too.
Riverwoods Trick or Treating 06 web
Emily insisted on carrying every piece of candy in her tiny little hands. When we got to a new shop and her hands were already full she would try to give her candy to the girl passing it out just so she would have a free hand to grab a new one. We had to trick her into putting the candy in her bag or distract her so we could pry it from her hands.
Riverwoods Trick or Treating 04 webRiverwoods Trick or Treating 07 webRiverwoods Trick or Treating 05 web
The girls had so much fun and it was the perfect night and the perfect place for trick-or-treating!

Riverwoods Trick or Treating 09 webRiverwoods Trick or Treating 10 web  Riverwoods Trick or Treating 11 web Riverwoods Trick or Treating 12 web

Sherri Reinfurt  – (December 3, 2011 at 9:12 AM)  

How Fun! The girls look so cute! I love the chocolate under Emmys fingernails! Great job as always on the costumes. I love you all miss you like crazy! Mom - aka MIMI

Kayleen  – (December 3, 2011 at 3:49 PM)  

love those cute costumes! You are so talented!

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