Evening Drive

September 28, 2011

We live [not too far] from this spot. Can you believe how lucky we are? 

Utah Lake 01
…isn’t it amazing??? I told you this place is beautiful! We love to go on evening drives when the weather is nice. This night took us out to Utah Lake. It was amazing. I seriously didn’t have words to describe how beautiful it was. I just stood there and stared. And the cool breeze coming off of the lake made it even better. (It’s funny how much we’ve come to appreciate a cool breeze after living in Arkansas for a few years. They don’t believe in cool breezes there.)

Utah Lake 02

Ky thought it was pretty cool too… Then we got attacked by mosquitoes and jumped into the car and shut the doors as fast as we could. A couple snuck in with us so we spent the drive home with Kylie yelling, “There’s one!” and Daddy diving to get them. The next morning all of us woke up with red itchy spots, but it was worth it. The view was amazing!

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