Tiny Dancer

September 19, 2011

Kylie started a new dance class at a new studio here in Utah. She is the cutest little ballerina, with princess panties hanging out of her leotard, I have ever seen.

ba5a10c764ca41a88cb63c650a3615c6_7Her class is going to have a big Christmas recital at the end  of November and then another one in the Spring. Mike already told me to be prepared for him to be the Dad in the front row with the video camera cheering obnoxiously for his little girl. It’s alright because I’m planning on being just as obnoxious.

303203_775829745744_193301442_36820978_1003077410_n It’s really fun, and incredibly rewarding in a way, watching her do something she loves and enjoys so much! All of us moms sit in the hallway and watch from the open doors and gawk over how cute our kids are… but really, mine’s the cutest :)

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