Rise and Shout!

September 25, 2011

We went on a family date to a Cougar game. It was seriously so much fun. Most people  would say taking your kids to a BYU game is slightly crazy, but they did awesome and were cheering and yelling at the refs right along with us.It may have been just a little loud in the beginning...byu 14byu 09Some friends of ours had some really great tickets that they weren’t going to be using that night so they passed them along to us! I have never sat so close at a college football game before. I felt like we were some fancy VIPs in the fold-down seats and not the bleachers.

byu 02byu 03
byu 04byu 05
You can’t go to a football game and not have cute cheerleader bows in your hair. Well, at least I can’t. Kylie and I were little twinners.
byu 06
When the girls started to get a little restless, we broke out the snack stash. Seriously, a life saver - especially since hot dogs are like $5 each, pizzas are $7, and we couldn’t get out of our seats too easily anyway... Here’s the 2nd-quarter fruit snack break, and by break, I mean for Mommy and Daddy.
byu 13byu 08byu 07
10 cool points if you can guess why Kylie is so excited in this next series of pictures…
byu 10 byu 11 byu 12
We only ended up staying until halftime. Since it was already 8pm, we decided it would be much better to leave on a good note with both girls happy and excited rather than stay until the end of the game and have to deal with two screaming, over tired girls. Good call.
It was seriously so much fun. It’s amazing how much more Cougar pride we have now that Mike is  a student at the Y.  Go Cougs!
byu 15

Sherri Reinfurt  – (October 17, 2011 at 5:50 AM)  

Was it a touchdown? You girls seriously rock the cheer bow! And miss Ems smile - kills! Go Cougars!

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