Sleeping Handsome

October 14, 2011

We make up some pretty silly games when we get bored at home. So, Kylie loves playing Sleeping Beauty where she will pretend to be sleeping and refuses to wake up until someone comes and gives her a kiss. When it’s Daddy’s turn to sleep, they call it Sleeping Handsome. sleeping handsome 01
Emily likes to play too, and by play I mean she puts her fingers in his nose and mouth and pokes his eyes while he’s got his eyes closed and can’t see it coming. Then she laughs hysterically. sleeping handsome 02…most of the game is spent laughing hysterically. sleeping handsome 03sleeping handsome 07 sleeping handsome 06
In the end, it usually just turns into a tickle fight. That sounds so cheesy…. but that’s us, so there you go.sleeping handsome 04

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