Bowling After Bedtime

October 21, 2011

As a special treat, we took the girls out bowling after bedtime last night. We did alot of goofy dancing, picked some sweet aliases (Jenn-Whanda, Mike- Hans Julian, Me- Murtle the Turtle, Ky- Princess Kylie, and Emily just bowled on Kylie’s turn). We even managed to knock over a few pins (some more than others… ahem…) The final score isn't important, all that matters is that we had a ton of fun! (and that's what the losers always say...)
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Janelle  – (October 31, 2011 at 9:09 AM)  

Your bowling alley has awesome shoes! I love the picture of Kylie jumping, watching her ball. We went bowling a few weeks ago. It was Julie's first time. I think she bowled one and a half frames.

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