The Great Outdoors

October 11, 2011

Provo Canyon is amazing. I’ll just go ahead and state that obvious fact. It is especially gorgeous this time of year when all of the leaves are starting to change. Last week when Mike got home from class we decided, spur of the moment, that we were going to drive up into the canyon and find a great little spot to roast hot dogs for dinner and marshmallows for dessert. (worked out great for me because I really didn’t want to cook anyway.)
Provo Canyon 01
Mike was like a little boy scout again collecting all of his little sticks to build his little log cabin fire. It was cute. (He’s going to be mad at me for calling it cute… It was manly and tough… better, Honey?)  I honestly can’t even tell you how many times he told me how happy he was. He was completely in his element building his fire and being outdoors. It was fun to watch. Kylie was in charge of quality control and making sure daddy had enough sticks. She was following him around and almost as excited to be out in the woods as daddy was. Provo Canyon 02 Provo Canyon 03 Provo Canyon 04Emily was most excited about eating and getting all of the food and condiments ready with Mommy. She helped me carry our food from the stroller to the picnic table and was pretty proud of herself for being my big helper. She’s turning into such a big girl!  Provo Canyon 05The whole “roasting hot dogs over an open fire” thing may have taken a teeny bit longer than we had anticipated… so the girls started off with some appetizers. Provo Canyon 06 Provo Canyon 07

 Provo Canyon 09  Provo Canyon 08
Kylie wont stop talking about how she wants to go back and do it again, but next time, she tells us we need to bring our tent and sleeping bags. Maybe next time we’ll be brave enough to do the real camping thing with two little girls… or maybe we’ll just go back and do dinner and dessert again and then go home and sleep warm and comfortably in our own beds…

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