Packing Can Be Fun...

August 11, 2011

Remember how I really didn't want to pack? Well up until 3 days before the big move day I still only had about 25% of our house packed (if that). Seriously, you don't realize how much stuff you actually have until it's time to organize and put it all in boxes (and I'm slighlty OCD about how I like things packed so that makes everything take longer too). Enter: my Mother aka. the motivator/packer extraordinaire. I am completely convinced that if it weren't for this lady we would probably still be packing in Arkansas. She flew out just to help us finish getting ready, drive in the van with me and the girls out to Utah, and then stay to help us unpack. Who does that? It was amazing to have her help! And the girls especially loved having her.

With all of the chaos going on around them, our poor girls were just begging for some normalcy or at least some undivided attention... another reason it was good to have Mimi there.


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