Grandma Linda's

August 27, 2011

Everybody loves Grandma Linda's house, especially our little girls. She has fun toys, lots a room to run around, puppies, kittens and horses, and she'll sneak you some sweet treats when no one is looking.

We spent the morning at Grandma's house and had so much fun. We swung on swings, jumped on the trampoline, played with kittens and cousins, ran from the puppies, and ate a divine breakfast. I've already said it once, but we are so happy to be close to family again. The girls are soaking up all of the extra attention.

Emily was not too sure about the kittens (and is still terrified of dogs) but Kylie would not put them down. She named a few of them (I think they were actually all named Meow-ie) and begged to take them home with us when it was time to leave. We had to reassure her that we would come back real soon so she could hold them again.
We all love it at Grandma Linda's and can't wait for our next trip up. Or maybe she should come down here... hint hint... :)

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