Happy Birthday Ky Ky!

August 21, 2011

Our little Ky Ky is a big girl now. She turned the big 0-3 on the 19th and according to my babycenter.com updates (yes I still get those ), she's a preschooler, which makes her a big girl. Is it just me or does three seem so much older than two???

To celebrate her birthday we had a great day planned. Papa T came in all the way from sunny California to spend the weekend with his favorite little birthday girl (just like he does every year on her birthday)! When Ky woke up first thing in the morning, Daddy and I had a few presents for her to open right away. No one else in the house was up yet so she got to have some special time with just Mommy and Daddy. She enjoyed that :) One of her presents was a brand new Sleeping Beauty dress that she had been asking for since Sleeping Beauty became her new favorite princess. Because it was her special day she got to pick out whatever she wanted to wear for the day. Can you guess what she picked? She wore that hot pink dress all day and everywhere we went people would comment on her pretty dress or point out, "she must be a princess!" She would giggle and smile and exclaim, "I am!" She definitely felt like a real princess.

After a yummy lunch in Salt Lake with Papa T we went over and explored the Children's Discovery Museum at the Gateway. (Daddy was in school so, sadly, he couldn't join us.) The girls loved it (and it was actually pretty cheap to get in, which is always good). They had a great toddler-sized doll house. Kylie was so excited to cook in the little kitchen and kept insisting that she needed to go grocery shopping to get some stuff for dinner. Emily tried to close the door (that doesn't close), she's kind of stuck on closing every single open door she sees.

I don't think Ky sat still for even a second the whole time we were there. She was so excited and in her own little world. It was alot of fun to watch my big girl being a big girl.

While I followed our big girl around, the little one got to hang out with her Papa T. She was his little buddy the whole time he was out here, following him around everywhere he went.

Since we moved into our new house, Emily's new favorite thing to do is try to climb the stairs as fast as she can before Mommy and Daddy yank her down because it's (wagging their finger) "not safe for little babies." Naturally, they were one of her favorite things at the museum too.

There was a cute little baby area with a fake lake, rowboat and giant swan. Kylie liked the swan...

Luckily for Kylie, there was a grocery store so she was able to buy everything she needed to make dinner in her little house. It was really fun watching all of these kids interact with each other. The bigger kids took on the roles of running the store and helping the little kids do their shopping. It was neat the way all of their little imaginations were playing together even though they were years apart in age and didn't know each other at all. Watching Kylie shop was like watching an episode of Supermarket Sweep. Arm straight out, sweeping everything on the shelf into her cart. (You know you always wanted to be on that show just like I did!)

Kylie planted, watered, and picked that pretend carrot so the she could feed it to the giant horse. And then she insisted that she was now Princess Belle riding on her horse, that is, until she hopped off, then she was Sleeping Beauty again.

Em loved cruising around in the little cars, even though it may have been a little too big for her.

Upstairs they had a giant piano (that looked like a mancalla board?) When you danced on it it lit up and played music. Emily was a little curious about it...

...and Kylie knew just what to do! Ha!

We had a ball at the museum! And we'll be going back many many more times.

We finished off Kylie's third birthday celebration by meeting Daddy for dinner at the "Pinch Pinch House" aka Red Lobster. The staff made her dinner so special and made such a big deal about how it was her birthday. The manager even brought over a lobster for Kylie to pet (that was actually kind of weird...) Ky gobbled up all of her popcorn shrimp, enjoyed being serenaded by the entire restaurant, and happily skipped back out to the car and then on to a giant cup of pink frozen yogurt. The smile on her face when we tucked her into bed that night told us that she had a good day. It was a good day.

Happy Birthday Kylers! We love you, you crazy kid!

Marissa  – (October 2, 2011 at 9:34 PM)  

What a cutie! I love knowing that you helped your child have an awesome day. Good job Mom!

Grafulas  – (October 3, 2011 at 12:50 PM)  

Fun! That place sounds like little girl heaven--we'll have to join you sometime :)

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