Kylie "Belle"

April 7, 2011

I remember the night after Kylie was born, we were sitting in our hospital room talking about what we were going to name our little girl. We wanted her middle name to be a family name and we talked about a few before we finally decided on Elizabeth. One of the middle names that we were debating on was Belle (after a great-great on my side, Nonnie Belle). 

Lately we've been thinking maybe we should have gone with Belle since Kylie calls herself "Kylie Belle" anyway. Even when we are out, if someone stops us and says, "Oh, look how cute you are! What's your name?" She will always respond, "I'm Kylie Belle!" ...Which reminds me, a few weeks ago we were out shopping and the girls were in the stroller when an older lady stopped and noticing Kylie's "I love dance" shirt, asked her, "Do you love to dance?" And without missing a beat, Kylie responded, "Yeah! With the Beast!"

She has also recently given Emily and I princess aliases too. Emily is Sleeping Beauty and I am Cinderella. And it totally makes sense too because in one of her princess books it show Sleeping Beauty as a baby on the first page, and Em really does sleep a lot... and naturally I'm Cinderella because I take care of the house (or something like that, I'm sure...)

Ky grabbed a book when we were on our way out the door to go for a walk. While on our walk she found this stone retaining wall (which I imagine reminded her of the fountain in B&B?) and  sat down and started singing to her imaginary sheep. And I'm pretty sure at some point she suggested that Emily and I were her sheep too...
Then, when we were headed back to the car, she went running through a field singing, "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere..."
I was certain that I wouldn't have any "Disney Princess" girls in my house (because sometimes it's cheesy and overdone) but I actually love that she loves those little princesses. I mean, she does have alot in common with them, seeing as she is a little princess too.

The latest obsession is "Tangled." Have you seen it? Kylie loves it and so do I. The music is fantastic! We both go around singing the songs all day. Kylie keeps a little imaginary "frog" that changes colors on her shoulder and pretends that her dress-up crown is the lost crown, and whenever she pulls a book off her shelf she sings, "or maybe two or three..." (Have I mentioned how crazy fast she memorizes movies and songs?) I even find myself turning it on for myself after the girls are in bed. Definitely a new favorite in the Kirby home!
This last little series of pictures are just here because they're cute. Kylie has always loved the stars and the moon. I loved the curiosity and excitement in her face as she was pointing out the stars for me.

The Emro Family  – (April 7, 2011 at 1:44 PM)  

That's so cute! My Ellie is the same exact way. I had to laugh while reading your post because it's just so much like Ellie! Ellie has named herself Cinderella-Ellie and I'm Sleeping Beauty and her baby sister (whose still in Heaven) is Belle. Hopefully we get a girl on the next go around and will probably name her Isabelle. It's so fun having girly girls. Love it!

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