April 8, 2011

She's so pretty. I love her smushy cheeks. I pretty much kiss those cheeks all day long. And those baby blue eyes and button nose... She melts my heart.

Emily is doing so well. As of the 1st of this month she is 9 months old. She talks all the time and is especially loud when Kylie is napping and she is the "only child." She gives kisses and waves hi and buh-bye. She loves to eat but and still hates peas and green beans. Her favorite snacks are those gerber yogurt melts. She kicks and wiggles when she sees me pull that yellow bag out of the cupboard. She loves to pull up on the ottoman in our living room and is so happy when she is standing. She loves to cuddle but only when she's sleepy. Kylie is her best friend. They laugh and play and it makes me happy. I love how cute she looks in her little footie sleepers.Her favorite game is peek-a-boo. She loves bath time and especially splashing. When I'm putting her to bed at night I sing to her while I stand and cuddle her by her crib. As soon as she's ready to lay down she pushes off of my tummy with her feet as if she's trying to dive into bed. She just recently started sleeping curled up on her side. It's pretty cute. And she can't sleep without her little hippo stuffy. She is so sweet and gentle and so, so pretty. I love you, Em Grace.

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