March 28, 2011

Hello blog. Long time no update... Both girls are napping at the same time (which happens like once a week) so I thought I would take some time to finally give a little update to our bliggety-blog.

Life is great in the Kirby home. We are all healthy and happy. What a blessing!

Mike is going out to Utah next week to interview at BYU for their MBA program. He has been studying for the GMAT and preparing for this for a loooooooong time so we are so excited and so proud of him. Going back to school is something we've been talking about for a while and we would be so excited to have the opportunity. If he got in it would mean moving back to Utah, which is a very bitter-sweet thing to think about. We would be alot closer to family (and major airports) but it would mean leaving all of the great friends we've made here in the last three years... Nothing's official yet, he needs to interview first, but knowing my smooth-talking husband, I know he'll do great.

[Emily's awake. It never lasts very long...]

We headed out to a field and took some new family pictures a couple weeks ago. Just us and our tripod. I really wanted at least one photo of us that I would love enough to blow up and hang on our wall. Well, I ended up with many, many photos that I absolutely, head over heals, fell in love with. I've already blown up two of them and just need more wall space to hang up more. Maybe I'll turn them into an album...

Mary  – (March 28, 2011 at 5:38 PM)  

SO cute. You are my favorite photographer.

She Loves The Color Pink  – (March 28, 2011 at 8:26 PM)  

LOVE the family pictures! Good luck Mike!

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