Taking T-itures

October 20, 2010

I've mentioned before that Kylie loves taking pictures. She likes to find some part of my camera equipment (usually my tripod attachment or, in this case, my battery cover) and pretend it is her own camera. She will set up her subject, step back and say, "cheese!" and then make a clicking noise. On this particular night I had a scheduled engagement session. Since mom was in town I didn't want to just leave them behind, so while I was at the U of A with my couple, Mike, my Mom and the girls were walking around campus too. They told me later that Ky had been taking pictures of squirrels and dogs and even asking passers-by to stop for a quick photo. (Where does she learn this?!?) I was so proud! When I met back up with them Kylie was still taking plenty of pictures. She even got up on a stump to get a better angle of the moon. I love her!

Grafulas  – (November 1, 2010 at 9:32 AM)  

I'm so sorry I'm writing a message on your blog, but I forgot to get your email address before deleting my facebook account! Anyway, my email is angrygrizz@hotmail.com if you ever need it. I wanted to tell you guys that we met Mike's grandpa at the Idaho Falls Temple on our anniversary back at the end of September! He sat with us while we waited to do sealings and told us about his wife and how much he missed and loved her, and about how excited he was to be working at the temple again, and then when he found out we knew Mike he told us how much he liked playing golf with him and how much he liked your pictures--sounded like he missed his grandson quite a bit :) Anyway, he was really sweet--small mormon world, eh? Hope you guys have a great November!

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